• I'm just trying to get some feedback here. My life path number is 9. Would my life path number go better with a 5 or a 7 in compatibility??? Anyone??

  • My life path number is a 9. My boyfriend is a 1 and we are very very compatible. Personally, I feel you would be more compatible with a 7. I just met a 7, a woman and she is a great teacher and friend. 5 and 7's are both people who tend to be on a more spiritual vibration which is great for a 9 because so are they, very much so. 5's can adjust well to change, but if they have not adapted well to that personality, they ca be stubborn to change, stuck in their ways. 7's like spirituality and solitarity and so do 9's. Together you could have a good time enjoying your home and the things being together have to offer rather than relying on the outside world. You can also have great intellectual conversations. 7's feel the need to be unique so if they feel that that right is being threatened, they may act strongly. Career wise I think you two would be on the same path more as well. With a 7 your social life may not be huge but if you do not mind that and like the comforts of being at home, cozy and together it can work. With a 5 I think it could work but there may be more challenges, but if you can overcome them, you will both be rewarded. All in all, I say go with your gut. Despite the life numbers, who do you feel is the best fit for you? Numbers and astrology help but when it boils down to it, the heart and the mind knows what is best. Who do you think you are most compatible with?

  • I actually have no idea who I would be more compatible with personally.. But I understand, my gut is the best thing to go with. I was just curious about what people think. I read I WOULD be more compatible with a 7 more than 5, but the seven I know now.. not compatible he's a jerk!

    I think Im sticking with birthchart compatibility. Id probably get along more with the 7 if our signs were compatible. But thanks for your comment universal harmony!

  • IgoHumble,

    If you go to the above thread, there is a website I listed there for numerology info that may be helpful to you.



  • EE! thanks wenchie!

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