Confused about prior tarot reading

  • Hello everyone,

    I am relatively new to the tarot world. I met someone way back in april, let's call him K. and received very confusing signals.on behalf of a friend's insistence who has been seeing a psychic tarot reader for over 15 years and swears by her. So far she has done three readings for me and while some things have come true, and without my telling her she ahs been able to tell me about certain things in my past, my family, certain relationships etc.,, her comments regarding K. keep changing, and I have no idea what is going on. Can someone help me with a tarot reading or intuition. My DOB : 09/15/1971 ; K: 08/22/1972.



  • I cant give you a reading but I can tell you that just because this psychic worked for your friend doesnt mean it will work for you. I dont get my haircut at the same place my friend does because we have diffirent ideas of what looks good. You see what I am saying. I made the mistake of sending a couple friends to a psychic that I loved and appreciated and they were unhappy with what they got form her which made me start questioning everything. Things change all the time because we all have free will. Trust yourself and pray for direction and guidance. If you want to talk about what is going on with you there are a lot of nice people on here willing to give solid advice about different things. Everyone has a different way of seeing things so maybe the psychic isnt explaingin things in a way you understand or she just doesnt read well for you.

  • I want to add to lovinmylifes comment wich I agree with perfectly.

    Another thing is that one psychic receives a different angle of the same answer, a different view of the same answer. A different way of expressing the same answer. So you should ask another psychic the same question to see if you understand the answer better.

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