Confusing gemini males

  • Hey there..m new to this forum and this is my first post!! I married past 5 months and before marriage..I had a fun and spontaneous friendship with a gemini male. He flirted me all the while and gave me attention I adored. But I was never upto him for marriage.. as he was not my type. U see I m a scorpio. But anyhow something happend..and I went to him to ask what he thinks abt me, I assumed he will definitely look forward coz he liked me and flirted with me a lot. But to my surprise, he just insulted me saying go to ur previous bf,u r too late, I can't handle ur quirks and what not. It was too insulting for me. And then the next day I accepted that I did a blunder coz we both knw very well we can't handle each other and yet I did a mistake my asking u abt ur thots on future.. to which his reply was very casual he said I m just going with the flow. And after one week..I got the man of my dreams.. a cancer male.😍 I just decided to be with him. Irony is my cancer is that gemini guys close friend and colleague. And after some days..that gemini friend texted me asking to play a game of rapid fire..where he wud say any word and I have to give a quick response, I said ok let's Start. And he said.." I love you" I was shocked. And confused like he'll. I mean what he is upto. M I a matter to game or petty entertaining game to him??? Also, my cancer man was his friend..he knew we r deciding to get married...he must have not played that I luv u game as I had decided for my cancer. What the hell went wrong with him?? Why don't he have that boundary?? I already confessed it was a mistake coming to which he nodded and said yes.
    I replied to his I love u with a I love mother earth! And he said.." u r so proud!! U r behaving as if I have proposed u for real". Till now after being in a happy marriage I can't get over this confusion.. what was inside his head??? Help is sought urgently for my peace of mind.😅

  • you can tries to understands him and help him in his problems

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