Gemini male confusing

  • I have been married recently it's been 5 months to a beautiful man my dream man a cancer male but I just cudnt get a gemini guy out of my mind. Reason??? I want to know what goes on in his head. He was my friend for past 3 yrs and he use to flirt healthy flirting and told my frnds that he liked me, though he was never direct just put some hints to my frnds..even with me. I knew he was into me but me being a scorpio moon found him very shallow n materialistic, he was never my choice to be a life partner. But by passing time things developed and I thot let's check the potential of this gemini for a mate and I just asked him what he thinks for future.. to which by surprise he insulted me saying silly things and teasing me with my ex name and was ultimate insult and I just got back to my mind thinking this was the reason why I didn't wanted him as a partner. He was so insensitive. Later on one fine day I said to him that I made a mistake of thinking u as a potential mate, we just can't handle each other to which he agreed and it was finally concluded that proposal was an impulse from my side. And withing a week my cancer husband came to my life and ironically he is the friend of that gemini guy. Gemini guy knew I was moving on with him and we wer planning to get engaged. One fine day..suddenly this gemini asked me to play a rapid fire game and asked me to give a quick reply to his game..I said ok cool. The first word he said was- I love you...I was done with him earlier and moved on with his frnd cancer man which he already cud he play such petty games?? When I replied to his I love you with I love mother earth...he said u r very proudy behaving as if I have proposed u literally, it was just a game.
    That instance just made me confuse. Why he did that? We wer already sorted that day that we cudnt handle each other.. why he played that game??? Any gemini who cud help me out??