Need card interpretation

  • I just did a five-card reading asking what a new person represented who came into my life. The cards came up in this position:

    Self: Six of Cups

    Loved One: King of Cups

    Advice: Five of Cups

    Situation: The World

    Potential: Death

    I think most of the cards speak for themselves, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to glean from the Five of Cups in advice. I've been going through a divorce for the past year and have faced lots of loss from that circumstance (family relationships, especially). Could someone please help interpret this beyond the basics? We don't live in the same parts of the country and I'm not sure if loss means walking away for something closer?

  • Hi. I searched through my tarot archive and found the death card in a Love celtic cross that I took in 2007. Searched a long time for this one, since I wondered myself what the deathcard in the future position means. I have not written this text myself, I just copied it from what I got when I took a reading on Here is what I got:

    Long-term Potential: Death



    Instead of being tempted to return to the relationship patterns of the past, you may be truly prepared to move on.

    The card in the Long-term Potential position points to unknowns still taking shape. It is the "wild card" yet to be played.

    The Death card in this position points to the potential of severing a long-standing attachment to a type and style of relationship that has repeatedly held you back, even when you swore you were truly done with it. At this point your confidence may be focused enough so that you are no longer willing to repeat the old patterns. Now you know you can cut the cords and free yourself. Mixed with a natural trepidation, there is a tremendous feeling of optimism.

    You may be on the verge of experiencing and accomplishing great things. As the glimmer of the future grows brighter, consider leaving the past behind to pursue that light. You will feel much better when you finally cut the ties that bind.

  • I found the five of cups in the advice position in a Peace and harmony celtic cross that I took. Here is the interpretation. I will see if I find it in a love celtic cross aswell, although I have not taken many of those.

    Advice: Five of Cups



    Setbacks happen in this life. But what is truly yours cannot be taken from you.

    The card in the Advice position offers guidance regarding how you relate to your path of cultivating inner and outer peace. With wisdom as your guide, you can make a difference!

    The Five of Cups in this position advises you to renounce regret, scale back your expectations and show more appreciation for what you do have. If something truly belongs to you, it cannot be lost. When you promise yourself things that you cannot deliver, disappointment may follow. Sometimes we overestimate our abilities and are then forced to face our limits.

    So be grateful that as the cups fell, only three of five were lost. Two are still intact, pristine and full of sacred energy that you can use to develop your future. What do you gain by clinging to the setback? Focus on the potential instead.

  • Okay, no I didnt find the five of cups in the advice position in a love celtic cross reading in my archive. Although I think the interpretation above is good enough. There is only a slight difference in choice of words when it is in a love celtic cross reading.

  • Thanks Hanged Woman! I appreciate the help, time and effort. Still trying to piece this one together, but the answer lies in me I'm sure - as it does for all of us!

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