Pregnancy reading

  • I did a pregnancy reading today and pulled Queen of Cups, 2 of Pentacles and 7 of Pentacles. (in that order)

    Can anyone interpret this for me?

    I'm new to tarot and from what I've read, it's looking positive? Maybe even the suggestion of twins?

  • @MissKittyBeatrix
    I know many people do pregnancy readings and there are some cards that indicate pregnancy but without knowing if any health issues are an issue I regard Pregnancy readings as health readings ... and are something I not normally do. Remembering children can come in many ways into our lives...

    Interpreting these cards ..
    Queen of Cups can speak of motherhood, nurturing one's emotions with this journey .. kind, caring, gentle soul ... Protective of others ... Matriarch energy .
    2 of Pentacles - can speak of priorities needing to be juggled , a lot of stuff happening at once
    tough decisions yet to be made...
    7 of Pentacles - what do you want to bring physically into your life.. reflecting, contemplating what is of value to you right now? This is not about instant results but the long term ...

    It could speak for you to make sure you are nurturing your Soul, be wary of what you are juggling in life to manifest what you want into your life re pregnancy ....this is about the long journey ahead ...

    This really depends on what your specific question was and what deck you used? What was the actual layout, card positions? The cards have many layers and it can be difficult for another reader to interpret the cards without having that information in the moment .. knowing there may be other outside influences that can affect the outcome ..

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