Cancer men..... what do you mean??

  • I know your not picking, I was worried you thought I was. Just stating what I think. But I love Geminis either way. Chemistry... Yeah, supposedly Aquas go well with Aries, idk about that....

  • Hi Ms sunny, Heavenly Bodies and Sandran

    I am in Hong Kong visiting my crab. He had two days off and just left for an overnight flight so I have 2 days to myself here. We played tourist yesterday and went to the Big Buddha and HK Disneyland (very lame and maybe 1/3 the size of the one in California. Things have been great. My cancer is really wonderful in person. He is so sweet and funny and affectionate. If he doesn't get called into work on Saturday I have 2 more days I can spend with him. Otherwise I will be ony own again so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am so happy that i have been patient with my cáncer guy all this time because when i am with him it is so worth it .

    Ms Sunny- you are right about the 5th house thing. I guess it's about fun and pleasure, haha. I can get into bubble baths and stuff like that. There are so many ways things can be interpreted.

    Sandran- yeah i can't believe they have that "porn thread" still going either haha. I still have no

    idea what upset the Gemini.

  • Hi everyone:

    I have read all the posts here from page 1 and was wondering if you all can help me to understand my cancer guy better. From what I get so far it seems like running hot and cold is in their nature but somehow I am still confused…. I will make my story short.

    My cancer guy and I had been seeing each other for a year and during that time he did the disappearing act as well, sometimes for 2 - 3 weeks and then come back like nothing. In February I found out I am pregnant, when I told him about it he was happy and looked forward to it, but 3 weeks later he turned cold and said he wanted no part of it and asked me how can he be sure that that it is his child and that the only children he considers his are the ones from his previous marriage, then stopped coming by and calling, it has been 3 months and still nothing…..I know from his previous disappearing acts to leave him alone when he wants his space, however when he was around he was very caring , loving and the best of friends…. So now that 3 months have passed, should I expect this cancer man to come back? Is this one of his mood swings or what? Had he not been happy from the start I would have understood but to go cold after 3 weeks of being ok with it and then no communication at all up to this day is confusing.. HELP!

  • I also thought they were family men, but that's not the impression he's giving me y not contacting me at all knowing that I am pregnant

  • rofl. Heavenly Bodies. XD lmao! Luazinha, I do have a nice body if I do say so myself. 😉

  • taurus575,

    I ma having cnacer man issues myself. However, your situation is pretty intense.

    I would like to know how it is turning out for you.

    I am told that cancer's come back, and that they never turn their bakc on their children.

    I hope this is the case fro you.

    God Bless you. Please let me know what happens.

    No matter what stay positive for you adn your baby.

  • I honestly think Cancers run when things change in a relationship a fight new level of intimacy etc. But I'm not a cancer male then again. Where are you cancer guys give us some insight PLEASE

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