Cancer men..... what do you mean??

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    is there something wrong with these threads? it looks that when you post and it continues to the next page, the post on top does not show up. unless you add another post or two, and then they will show up for all to read.

    I can't figure it out, it weird. anyone else notice that?

    am I making any sense? it's hard to explain, these threads if they go on too long, some of the posts disappear, especially the one on top.

    Ms Sunny

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just went shopping! runs in cicles ❤ jumps

  • This post is deleted!

  • as far as I can tell, there are no rules for what not to post or what to post.

    I can feel I am being followed by a certain person here. something very fishy going on here as to why those posts were removed? everything else was posted except when I posted on the 2 websites for free readings. they were removed, and why?


  • Sunny, your being stalked?! You think by Admin? Okays I'll email you.

  • Admin prohibits posting of suggested websites, personal email, vulgarity.

    Nothing fishy about is what it is.

  • Sandran712

    I hear you loud and clear. do you have a CCleaner. I run that program once a week, and it will remove all adwares, cookies, temporary internet files, etc. it's free. but since I can't suggest a free link to help others, I am banned from doing just that. So you will need to google that site and you can download it for free.

    another free software is AVG 9.0 that one can be hard to find at their site, but keep looking you will find it. Those 2 have saved my computer from crashing and or slowing it down which makes it impossible to navigate the internet.

    as for the admin removing all of those links is questionable. If there were a policy around here somewhere that would tell me what is allowed and not allowed that would be great. but since there are none, I find that almost hard to believe.

    Admin is not going to spend all of their time following and reading posts unless someone is reporting it. I can think of a few here.

    there are plenty of threads I have stumbled upon with links, email addresses, and pictures posted and they have not been removed.


    Ms Sunny

  • Haha, I love the comment about crappy adwares! applauds

  • Ya, it's annoying. What sites do you use other than this? post em with all the spaces in em you need please. >_> glares at Tarot

  • You are angry at everything Sandran..I won't return to this post, it has lost it's meaning.

    Good day..

  • She's a Gemini, what more can be said. They are like that. I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me. My BFF is a Gemini gal. And my lover, ofcourse. I kinda like it, the way they act.

  • Yes, I agree. I didn't think you were being that rude, complainy or negative. That wasn't the first time she mistook a post.....

  • I don't see where you were negative Sandran. Gemini's can be 2 faced, mercurial and loves to stir up drama where there isn't any much ado. lol you were only making your point on the links. If you want to look at porno, just hang out at lololol

    since I wasn 't able to post free links where you can get free readings, and all other freebies, gosh I am such a naughty gal to be so bold.

    btw where is the policy of the rules? anyone know? I still can't find it.

    Today was a bit of an emergency taking my hubby to the ER, spent 6 hours, and the next few days is going to be hectic for us. gotta stay grounded and focused now, so I 'll be back in a few days.

    xo Ms Sunny

  • Okay, MsSunny. We'll miss you! Hope your huby is okay!

    Sandran712, yes they are verrrrryyyyy two faced. I just ignore it, and it's really easy to do when you that they are a Gemini. Somehow, it makes it easier to take and less hurtful. I just choose to detatch myself from them. Keep em close but I'm very observant and pay attention to how they act, because if you don't you'll just get hurt. I really only bother with them, when they really need me or are in a into me moment. They are very selfish...

  • Oh, I'm not saying that only Geminis are selfish, but Gemini men are very selfish. I think Gemini women aren't. My good Gemini girlfriend is very sweet and shares a lot. Gemini are selfish in a unique way. They will share their money etc... but are very selfish emotionally. I don't know, once you get really close to em you see the selfishness. Lots of rappers are Geminis actually and lots of their music just sings about women and themselves. Usher and Ne you not soo much becuase they are Libra. See? Haha, but any person could be selfish. Sun sign isn't the only factor.

  • and Ne Yo. rofl

  • The women don't seem selfish though, but the men, for sure. Very self centered.... When a Gemini man wants to hang out with you it's not because he necessarily cares for you, it's because he cares about himslef and feels like hanging with you to make himself happy. But when you want to hang out with him, he probobly won't share his time with you if he isn't in the mood. The only problem with that trait is to the degree that they do it. There comes a point were it gets old sacrificing your time for them but they not doing the same in return for you. Get it? Now not all are like this, and I love a Gemini man, but it's a common trait I see in lots of them, not all.

  • Ah, let's talk about Cancer men. lol

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