@ hekatesxing can you look at a tarot card draw and tell me what you think?

  • It's in regards to a guy that I like at work. He's really nice and I like him. Could you please look at the tarot card draw and tell.me what you think? 😊 !
    These are screenshots if the 3 cards I drew for my love reading! I just wanted someone else's opinion about it. Screenshot_20220410-211745_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20220410-211800_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20220410-211815_Chrome.jpg

  • @TulipLilly
    I would see 2 of cups of being in a relationship , a connection , balanced emotionally, a give and take type of energy.
    7 of Pentacles as asking what you do want to bring into the relationship, what are you harvesting into your life?
    King of Cups talks about a practical approach to emotions .. He could be dreamy, kind and caring even when he does not show all of his emotions, he may not go full hog into the Relationship , maybe he dips his toes in... on some level before making final decisions ...

    Overall This could be a desired relationship you want to bring into your life .. but something could be holding you back .. It can also speak of maybe in this situation you might need to put your emotions to one side..

  • @hekatesxing i would be harvesting a really nice man into the picture and someone who is well grounded and we have a lot in common. .so I asked him for his phone number. I told him I was interested in him and I had a crush on him . That I would like to get his number so we could go out sometime and get to know each other better.. He told me he was interested in me as well. But he just met a girl and he wants to see where that goes. He said if it wasn't for that he would totally give me his number and go out with me. He said its bad timing cause he does like me. I said it seems like it's new with this other girl. If you change your mind I will be on the other side of our place of employment. I told him that I have a crush on him and I am totally interested in him. To please keep that in mind. He said he would. If he changes his mind he will let me know. I really like him and he is very well grounded. We get along well together. I am not sure how to take this. Becuase I feel like he is happy that I told him . I don't feel sad about what happened, I am more puzzled? Is that maybe cause he likes me too? Do you see him changing his mind? And going out with me instead? Do you have any advice for me?

  • @TulipLilly
    Personally I would get on with your life ..
    Live your life to the fullest ...
    it feels even looking at the reading you did originally .. it feels as though even though he is happy you told him he really wants to give this other girl a chance ..be wary he is not leading you on so it might be time to put those emotions to one side and get on with your life ...
    I would not wait around for him ..
    of course totally up to you ... but you could be waiting for a very long time ...

    Take care of you ... find a sense of wholeness within self ...

  • @hekatesxing I wasn't planning on meeting anyone at work. It just happened and we got to know each other better. So I'm not looking to date people. I'm fine with the time for my kids and myself. Yes I do like him. But I'm not necessarily waiting on him either. I'm enjoying the time for myself and my kids. I all ready told him ya know where I'm at. So I'm just acting like my friendly self at work and so is he. It's not awkward at all. I want to get my new place together and help kids decorate their room. Thats my top priority.

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