What happens when you cut contact with a cancer man?

  • I’ve decided to cut off contact with a cancer man. He has been taking a toll on my mental health because he is hot and cold and telling me one thing but not backing it up with his actions. Will no contact make him miss me in the long run? I have been nothing but someone who is supportive and a helping hand when he needs it.

  • @Gemini0602 Cancer man is not a good match for you. They can be extremely moody,negative, secretive and abusers. Being a cancer woman myself I can assure you that this cancer man of yours is not that into you. Cancer is a female sign not good for males. They can be extremely dangerous. My FIL is a cancer and has ruined my scorpio MIL's life. Cut him off completely. Find yourself a good Sag man or an Aries man.

  • @Momycrab I had no contact with him to see if he would start the convo he didn’t yesterday and it hurt to see that he didn’t care as much but today he started the conversation which I was surprised I’m not sure what I means but I haven’t responded just left him on open and conflicted of what to do next. I have a problem with cutting people off cold Turkey unless it is someone that I don’t have feelings for and I have strong feelings for this cancer man.

  • @Gemini0602 Yeah gurl I can understand but I can only say that stop
    prioritizing people who treats you poorly and at their convenience.If a man is truely into you then he will make sure not to send you mixed signals no matter what his zodiac sign is. You are young and there are plenty of good fish in the water so it will not be wise on your part to spend your time ,energy and emotions on a ROBOT. Trust me gurl if time is lost everything is lost.So be careful and invest carefully.Not every man deserves what you have to offer. Been there done that.
    Take care

  • @Momycrab you’re right. Thank you for your advice. I have to cut him off for myself and mental health and he needs to fix and heal himself before getting into anything

  • @Gemini0602 You're right with your decision.STAY PUT. This man sure have his baggages from the past and cancerians tend to dwell on the past.
    You better move on with your life. Always remember MENTAL HEALTH comes first no matter what. ❤