What's Your Favorite Thing About Halloween?

  • People decorate their houses here. I like to drive around and look at the decorations. I love the color combination of orange/purple. Like to see the joy on children's faces when they surprise and get candy. Love Indian Summer here. Amazing how the color orange can brighten up a room.

  • Don't knw y i like it o y am drawn 2 it but it's fall in general... everything is comming 2 an end then the winter clears it for springs new beginning.... it's the only time of the year when people r having more fun than ever aswell!

  • I'm not exactly sure why I like it! I guess its the whole trickster like atmosphere, plus the free candy! Its not like a typical usual day, its much more exciting!

  • This has been a fun Halloween chasing the candy and watching Super KC wiggling out of those bindings......




    I am ready for him to do some super KC tricks and make that Evil Fortune Cookie crumble 😉

    Any tips for finding the candy today????

    have a great night......m.


  • There is nothing sweeter than hearing the children say Trick or Treat! They look so cute in costumes and the little voices! Gosh so cute!

  • I love Halloween because I get to be whoever I want to be one day out of the year with no questions asked, and I get to use my spooky creative side to decorate inside and outside the way I like it (black in color). Plus who can pass up the opportunity to knock on strangers door's and get free Treats for dressing up, I usually get more candy than my kids anyway because I am more excited than they are when we knock on each door. I tell them at the end of the night when they are complaining that I am the adult and should not have more candy than them that it is all in good fun, and next year they might have a chance if they let their spirits lose control for once, and laugh the night away with ghouls and graveyard activity.

    Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

    Yours Truly,

    The One and Only Original Hotpepper

  • Hi for years I thought that halloween was a trumped up american holiday, used to make money. But After studing theback ground, I found nothing commecial, or scary about it. Instead I take part in the actual ritual of ging to the graveyard where my brother was partally burried in (I took most of his ashes to te monteray bay where My mom went) then I light a cadle to illiuminate his path and show him the way to come home. His spirotis always lingering around me, tis way he would feel welcome, and at ease. Before he passed we used to shoot pictures together, (art) and during one of these shoots, we were alking about the fact that he was dieing. It was then that he said he would use a feather, anytime I felt lost, confused, lonely, or tired.And you knw what? Feathers turn up in the strangest places, startling me at first, But now, we I see one, I know its just him saying He loves me.

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