What's Your Favorite Thing About Halloween?

  • It's pretty hard to hide that Halloween is our favorite holiday around here. We're kind of biased ... it's the time of the year that people seem most intrigued by Tarot. Maybe it's because they're willing to imagine things that they can't see (spirits, energy, or the like); maybe it's because the imagery of Tarot is otherworldly and mysterious, and that's the frame of mind folks are in as the days get shorter and All Hallow's Eve approaches.

    What does everyone else love about Halloween?

  • Free candy - Costumes Galore!! It's a great day for anyone of any age who loves to dress up and let their "Freak Flag Fly"! When my sons were young I enjoyed dressing up for Halloween just as much as they did - and, if it was a rainy day - that was just more inspiration for the costumes......... Now - I dress up to hand out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters - they have to decide whether its a Trick or a Treat!

  • My favorite thing, not just Halloween but all of Autumn? The smell! Burning leaves and spice in the wind.

  • One of the reasons Halloween is my favorite holiday is because of the myriad opportunities to use one's creativity. From decorating to costumes, makeup to parties, I find it's a wonderful time the exudes both fun an intrique. May you all have a haunting Halloween!

    Love & Light

  • holloween is one of the best holiday because i'm fun of scarry things such as the mask they use during this holiday. My creativity comes out during decoration and its fun to make all those stuff because you know that many children will like it..

  • I completely agree with you. Halloween is the time of new ideas.

    Moreover people are all cool and receptive with other people's creativity and new ideas. It's a time that everybody is looking forward to make it more fun. Everybody is happier and try to forget their problems in search for a change.


  • I completely agree with you. Halloween is the time of new ideas.

    Moreover people are all cool and receptive with other people's creativity and new ideas. It's a time that everybody is looking forward to make it more fun. Everybody is happier and try to forget their problems in search for a change.


  • Gimme the chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus I adore autumn: the colors, the feel, the scents, the coziness of a warm blanket on a chilly gray afternoon with a good movie and loved ones...it's all just a very magical time for me with the bonus of large amounts of goodies everywhere I look!

  • Oh I so miss Halloween. I live up here in the mountains, no lights, no paved roads, dark, and scary at night. Great trick or treat ambiance, except there are no trick or treaters. When I lived in the city I'd dress up in this horrible fang face mask, blacken my eyes behind the eye holes, had a costume with "wings" i could open up, and scare the "sh*t" out of any trick or treater that came to the house. It was the price they had to pay to take as much candy from the bowl in one handful. I miss those days. Up here though, I get eyes that glow in the dark from headlight beams, and the most interesting "night noises". And walks in the full moons light, those are great.

  • Halloween seems to be a time when we can all be kids again. In a costume no one notices your wrinkles....etc. It's actually fun to scare people....not in a bad way of course....in a surprising way. I always loved trick or treating!

  • AugustDragon....Great name!!! 🙂

    creepy night noises aside, living on a mountain sounds wonderful...no close neighbors, no traffic noises, natural beauty right outside your front door. You could always throw a halloween party and have a treats-hunt out in the wild and finish off with a safely contained bon fire~*~

  • I love the crispness in the air when it comes. Things start going "crunch". Also orange is a prosperous color for me, so there's no wonder I feel energized around this time of year. The spiders usually create spectacular webs this time of year as well having reached full maturity. And it begins the decoration season with candles, glitter, light strings and all those other festive things. It's a time to celebrate another successful year, and prepare ourselves for the coming dormancy of winter. Oh, and the veil being thinner is always exciting and intriguing as well.

  • Certainly I like Hallowe'en now because of this site . It was always my favourite time of year because of my children & my creativity. I'm 46 years old & never fail to dress up even though my children are now old enough to leave me at home to shell out. Of course I like candy also. We have a couple of mannequins we dress & we play Monster Mash on the juke box.

    I must say though, in regards to this site in general ...I received an email from my sister with her horoscope from here the other day. I'd never seen this site although once upon a time I did subscribe to a horoscope site for a short time. It kept telling me how wonderful my love life was & how perfect my partner was. It constantly told me what would happen at work. I was single and between jobs & just a wee bit skeptical. The horoscopes and tarots here have been so close to my "real life" it's amazing. I hope to learn more...Another thing not at all in line with this thread ( sorry ) the respectful language & content on this site . Thank you. It's so refreshing.

  • I'm 51 and dress up just like everyone else !! Tarot has always been interesting to me and am now studying the art. I was given a tarot deck as a gift by my daughter-in-law to get started !! I can't wait till I can do a reading for others and myself and start living the life I have always wanted. This time of year is the best for staying in the house and hibernating until the flowers come out !! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years......WOW !!!

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  • I have to say that I love the energy that comes with the children dressed up going door to door. The excitement in their faces as you open that door and they say "trick or treat".

    I also love that for some, it could be their very first time dressing up...whatever the age. My husband's grandmother a few years ago dressed up for the very first time as a witch. She was down visiting one of her sons who helped her get a witch's outfit and painted her face green. She went around for the rest of the night with such glee that she got to dress up. She was 75 years old when she did this.

  • Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I decorate the front of my house with lights and create a candle lit walkway with pumpkins, flashing strobe lights, bones and misting skulls and cauldrons. I usually dress up as a witch. I make my own costumes and I collect witches hats and various wigs. I have a reputation in the neighborhood for being the Halloween Witch. Last year , I accidently scared one of the little kids trick or treating. She looked up at me and screamed Witch, Witch! and started to run away. I had to tell her I'm a good witch. When she saw the handful of candy I had for her, she decided I was OK!

  • I love the crisp air, the autumn light from the sun hitting the trees, and ofcourse dressing up in costumes.

  • I would love to give a shout out to Super KC

  • We love to decorate our home for Halloween and kids come from all over to visit us. Kids call us the "Pooping Pumpkin House". We have black lights, lots of pumpkins, fog machines going, spiders hanging from glow-in-the dark webs hanging everywhere...but the showcase is our "pooping pumpkin". We created the "pooping pumpkin" using a large felt pumpkin we got on sale. We mount it over our 2nd floor balcony that faces our driveway. Down the center of the felt Pumpkin, we place a dryer hose (also lit up). We shoot down the candy down the dryer hose while the kids hold up their bags. It's so much fun to see everyones reaction - young & old.

    And KC? If you need a quick get away - shoot down our Pumpkin into karma happy hands! Happy Halloween everyone!

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