Free Spiritual Guidance Readings

  • Hello, I have designed my own deck of spirit cards. I wouldn't call them tarot cards, more advice or wisdom cards, because there is no symbolism or story involved, and no interpretation is necessary. Hopefully the cards are self explanatory. I have tried to keep the messages simple and clear. If the one answer you receive is not clear or you need more info, then please fee free to request another card to clarify.

    Recommended types of questions (unable to answer 'yes' or 'no' or 'where' or 'when' queries) -
    "Can you give me insight into ..."
    " What do I need to understand about ..."
    "What is the meaning of ..."
    "What is the lesson or purpose of ..."
    "What are the circumstances underlying ..."
    "How can I improve my chances of ..."
    "What do I need to know about… ?"
    "What do I need to do to achieve/improve my chances of…?"
    "What is standing in the way and how can I best overcome this?"
    "How can I improve my ability to…?"
    "What do I need to change in order to…?"

    So ask away!

  • @TheCaptain hello theCaptain, i'd like to try...

    1. What do i need to understand about my purpose in this lifetime?
    2. How can i improve my chances of finding fulfillment/ happiness?

  • Moonalisa, your spiritual guidance cards are -

    1. The Card of Being True to Yourself

    Being true to yourself starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself; knowing and accepting your strengths, passions, weaknesses, limitations and purpose in life. Acknowledge where you need change and where you are strong. It is about understanding that you are in reality a spiritual being having a human experience - not the other way round - in order to grow. It is understanding that our life on earth is temporary as are our experiences good and bad, but we are eternal, immortal, beautiful and all-powerful. Forget your old troubles and experiences. An unhappy past is no excuse to deny yourself a happy future. You will come to know yourself and these truths only by living life and finding what works for you. Become your own best friend. Don't compare yourself to others. Take care of yourself. Follow good health guidelines - try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. Do things you enjoy. Spend time with people who make you happy. Don't waste time on people who treat you badly. Find the best and truest companions for you, your 'tribe'. It is all about finding what defines you and makes you whole. Being true to yourself is a personal choice for truth; making choices about how you want to live. You have the total power to live your life any way you want and to be faithful and factual to the truth about you. Being true to yourself means you don’t worry about pleasing other people by being someone you are not or living by someone else’s standards or rules. You won’t care what people think or want of you. You will live as your natural self ... without compromise. There is nothing wrong with who you are. And no one can tell you how to be true to yourself except you. Being true to yourself is this simple - either you live in integrity or you live out of integrity. That’s it. In or out. Moment to moment. No other choices. No other way to live other than being true to who you are. You choose one course of action. One way to be. Forget the past - that old you is gone. Celebrate the new you that rises afresh every morning. Being true to yourself also means sharing your truth with other people, even if it hurts. Always say what you feel and be honest and upfront about what you want. And demand honesty from other people, too. Deception in relationships can be the death of them. Never be afraid to be truly yourself. If people are really part of your 'tribe', they will love you for who you are, at your heart. And at your soul level, you are magnificent.

    2. The Card of Finding Your True Calling in Life

    Callings (to a life in which you feel fulfilled, of service, connected, vibrant and truly alive) don’t necessarily shine like guiding beacons ahead. But there are ways you can actively pursue and bring your purpose to you. Our callings are very often things that we loved to be or do when we were very young – before we were asked to ‘fit in’ or conform to society's demands. How did you play as a child? What did you love to do? What were you curious about? How did you think? Do not follow someone else’s dream. Your parents may want you to be A. Your boss wants you to be B. Your friends want you to be C. And society is clamouring for you to be D. You can’t please everyone, but if you do what YOU think you should, at least you’ll be able to sleep at night. Use your values as a guide. Don’t choose a career solely by the fact that it will make you pots of money or earn you security. Make a list of your core values (these are qualities that make you, you; they aren’t who you think you should be, but rather who you already are). How are you honouring those values in your life right now? What information do your values give you about your calling? Callings feel good. When we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, we are connected, joyful, expressive, loving and purposeful. Notice times in your daily life that you feel like this – what are you doing? Who are you with? What are you allowing? The things that are always true for you or won’t go away are really important in discovering your calling. Are you always making up amazing stories to entertain the people in your life? Every time you feel at a loss, do you find yourself in the kitchen, creating? Keep thinking about that niggle of an idea about moving to the Mediterranean? Etc. These recurrent things are giving you clues as to what will really satisfy you, so pay attention to them. Finding your true path in life isn’t passive. It won’t appear in a puff of smoke. It’s only achieved through trying out an activity or course of study, taking a risk at something new or long dreamed of, so that you’ll know whether it’s the right thing for you. Getting out of your routine, changing your environment, and carving some time for yourself can work wonders. Shifts in perspective, connections and realisations are more easily explored and nurtured when you give yourself the space physically and emotionally. Many people advise you to 'follow your passion' to attain your dream life but nobody should try to “follow their passion” until they understand who they are, what they want, and why they want it. Even then, be cautious. Passion is too important to be without, but too fickle to be guided by. Perhaps better advice would be to 'not follow your passion but to bring your passion with you to work.' Many people see ordinary jobs as being beneath them and not glamorous or well paid enough to be called a dream career. They want to feel passionate about their career. Many successful people do not feel passionate at first about going the routes they did, but they learned their craft and, because they were passionate and creative people, they learned how to love their jobs and made a good amount of money in the process; some of them became millionaires. The formula for happiness according to the experts is ‘reality divided by expectations‘. There are two ways to be happy then - either improve your reality (your current life) or lower your expectations (of yourself, life, or other people). There needs to be a balance between what you are passionate about and what you are actually good at. If you focus just on passion, you might end up nowhere and, if you focus only what you are good at without being passionate about it, you might end up as a zombie in the workplace. When people are unhappy with their current job, the most common reason is that they're not using an aptitude or talent they possess. They may even be in the right field (example - writing) but the wrong area (journalism instead of fiction writing) or working in an office instead of from home or travelling. Be realistic and practical about what you can and can’t do. Decide what sort of working situation you want to be in. There is nothing wrong with experimenting, but never let your pursuit of passion turn into a never-ending chore. So work out both your passion and your actual talents and strengths (ask for feedback from family, friends, bosses and co-workers), and these will be the clues that can show you your life's direction and purpose. Most of all, be patient. Don’t expect your calling to delivered via express mail. Discovering and honing your path in life will be a continual part of your journey. Be compassionate to yourself, believing that where you are right now is the best place for you to be. And bear in mind that nothing is written in stone - you can change your mind in mid-stream about what you want to be doing. It's YOUR life and it may take several attempts before you find the happiest and most satisfying way to live it. That's fine - nothing is a waste of time. You will learn something valuable from everything that you try. Even a wrong turning can sometimes lead you to the exact road you are looking for. Unless you try on the outfit, you’ll never know if it fits. You’ll need to sample every flavour to know your favourite taste. Do the same with vocations, avocations, hobbies and skills. Do not fear failure. Let yourself experiment and research with your feet. Stop worrying about "what" you are. Say ‘yes’ to odd opportunities. Say ‘yes’ to the things that intrigue you, instead of the ones that bore you. Your life will not go according to plan. Nobody’s ever has. So don’t worry if you get off track. The track was imaginary anyway. Most importantly, remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOUR CALLING IS BEFORE YOU START TAKING ACTION. Now go do it!

  • @TheCaptain Thank you TheCaptain.

  • @TheCaptain
    Hiya, This looks very interesting so can I please have one of your free spiritual guidance reading.

    "What do I need to do to achieve/improve my chances of getting a resolution to problems which are controlling my life?"
    "How can i improve my chances of finding fulfillment/ happiness?"

    TY for doing this.

  • @Jayann

    1. Your spiritual guidance card is -

    In this situation, you are called on to explore the Law of Higher Will. This Law applies to those of us who may have mistaken our opinions or beliefs for ultimate truth and who have imposed these beliefs on others, forgetting that others have their own paths to follow - not ours. The same law also benefits those of us who tend to sabotage themselves, who secretly doubt their own goodness, abilities or intentions, and who need a way to connect their lives to a sense of deeper meaning and purpose. The Law of Higher Will also generates a sense of connection for those of us who feel cut off and alone and find themselves struggling against other egos for recognition or for ‘the good life’. Saying and feeling “Thy will be done” is one way of applying this Law. Applying it however does not require belief in an external God, nor is it attached to any particular religious dogma. To apply it to our own life, we have only to ask internally, “If a wise, loving, compassionate, altruistic, all-knowing Spirit within me were guiding me now, what would they advise me to do in this situation?” The Law functions because such a Spirit does work through us; we only have to contact it by calling upon a part of ourselves, our wise inner guide, and then we know what to do - then we act in the name of, or as a servant of, the highest and best that’s within us. We won’t get true answers from our mind because the mind and ego with its free will can play games on us, telling us what we want but not what we need. Calling on a higher will involves contacting motives that go beyond our personal desires, wanting what is good only for our lesser or limited mortal self. Or we expand our identity to include our family, our friends, our team, or our community - itself an expansive act of connection - but one that still creates an inner circle of ‘us’ and an outer circle of ‘them’. With our lesser mind we might get results, but when we fail, we fail alone. When we work in line with our sense of ‘the higher will of Spirit’, greater inspiration and energy becomes available to us. When we turn to a higher will for direction, we feel expanded, uplifted, and connected to a larger cause; our lives take on a deeper and higher meaning. When we align ourselves with this inner sense of higher will, dedicating everything we say or do for the highest good of all concerned, the energies of compassion, love and light flow into our daily life. In every life situation, ask yourself “What does my mind want me to do?” Then ask “What would my higher self, the part of me that is wise, loving, and compassionate direct me to do? Thy will, not my will, be done.” You will notice the difference between the two answers. We then give what we can, not get what we can, and we are blessed.

    1. Your spiritual guidance card is -

    The Card of the LAW of PURPOSE
    We have all chosen to come to the earth plane for a purpose. Yet, for some unknown reason, we seem to have adopted the wrong interpretation of the Law of Purpose. Somewhere down through the centuries, we came to believe that our purpose in life was to come here and make this world a better place. Tied to this central theme was the idea that our role in making this world a better place was to get an education, get a job, and contribute to society. Success in this definition was defined by that which was on the outside. We were fulfilling our purpose in life if we had the physical trappings dictated by society. Now there is nothing wrong with having things but, when our focus is purely on the outer manifestation, it takes us in the opposite direction from the original meaning of the Law of Purpose. It is a direction that takes us away from our innate inner guidance. There are two significant components of this Law. The first is that you are here to experience life and, through these experiences, to evolve and awaken to your authentic self. Each of us has a true Self, our true Self is spiritual, essentially we are spiritual beings that have taken manifestation in physical form. In other words, we came to recognize and remember that we really are divine, magnificent expressions of Source Energy in action…Spirit in human form. The second part of the Law of Purpose deals with following our passion. We are here to find and utilize the special gifts and unique talents that only each of us as individuals possess. This means that there’s one thing you can do, and one way of doing it, that is better than anyone else on this entire planet. Find it! It is important to recognize that our purpose may not necessarily deal with how we earn our income. It may also not necessarily mean that we will be famous, rich or that we will change the course of the history. Our purpose may have little to do with prestige, power and sensations. It simply means following our bliss and being the best that we can be. A very good indicator of whether or not you are using the gifts and talents you have been given is your satisfaction level with life. Are you complaining or praising? Are you going through the motions or are you taking in life fully? Are you doing what you are doing to please someone else or yourself? Are you happy or angry? Too often we give up what will make us happy to conform to the expectations of our family or society. You must do what you really want to do or you will never be happy or satisfied. You have come to Planet Earth to follow your bliss and to awaken to the power within you. Start today. The power rests with how you use your imagination. To identify your purpose, look for those things that bring you joy when you are doing them. What fills you with passion and enthusiasm? What makes you happy? What activities do you lose yourself in? Start doing more of it/them. Become happy and it spreads outward. Think back to when you were a child and all the things you wanted to be and do. In your imagination, let yourself explore becoming one of your childhood dreams. What would have it been like to be that pirate or stewardess or whatever? What would your life be like? How can you bring that same joy and excitement into your life now?

  • @TheCaptain
    Happy Easter, I am so sorry for taking so long in replying. I have at last read you reading I will now reread and think about it. Everything is going wrong right now and I am feeling very overwhelmed.
    I appreciate you taking the time to do this reading for me. Thank you so much @TheCaptain.

  • @TheCaptain this looks really cool. Can I please try. Thank you for doing this. It means a lot.

    1. What can I do to understand myself so that I can forgive myself and heal from my last relationship that I was in. ( cause he was verbally abusive)
      2.) How can I gain insight and understand how-to handle a crush I have on someone at work so I take things slowly. Is he interested in me too?

  • @TulipLilly your spiritual guidance card for your first question is -

    The Card of Realism, Practicality, and Groundedness
    This is a situation that requires groundedness and practicality. No day-dreaming or hopeful imaginings now! This is reality check time. Seeing situations and people as they are, not as you wish them to be, requires honesty and courage. You need to be able to accept who you are, and your life, first and foremost. Face it - you’re probably never going to be a movie star or a gazillionaire, but you can live happily ever after with the person you turned out to be. Instead of thinking of all the things you wish you had or hadn't done, focus instead on what you DO have. It’s really only your opinion that counts. Acknowledge your imperfections, failures, and weaknesses and let them go - don’t obsess over them. Just try to be a better person and live your life with pride - remember that everyone of us has flaws. That is what makes us human. You have no more flaws than anyone else so you don’t need to escape into a fantasy world where everyone and everything is impossibly perfect. Whatever happened in the past is best left in the past. The past is over and cannot be changed, but we can learn from it so as to move forward. Take an honest look at your life to see if your methods of coping and surviving are working for you. Maybe they worked once and don’t work anymore or maybe they never worked at all. So you need to find a different updated approach to old problems. Replace the old methods with ones that will deliver or elicit positive responses and practical solutions. Develop the willingness to recognize and tolerate what is, rather than fight it or judge it. Being grounded is having the courage to look life full in the face. Life is a series of situations in which you don't always get what you want. When you're younger, you make it through emotionally by telling yourself it's not too late. But at some point you cross a line that means what you're continuing to hope for won't be found. But you can both accept that fact and still build a full and vibrant life. There are basically five responses to any given problem. The first is to solve the problem - either change the situation or leave it. The second is to change how you feel about the problem. Say you're in a job or marriage where you're not getting what you want. Often people become bitter because they focus on the one negative thing, instead of opening their perspective to their entire life. Here you need to re-evaluate and find the parts of the picture that are good and focus on them. The third way people deal with problems is by accepting and living with the unhappiness. They don't deny the pain of what's missing, but they learn to live with it. There's a fourth alternative: Stay miserable. And a fifth: You can make things even worse. you make choices every day to follow one of these methods. But the first and second ones are the only ones that will bring true and lasting happiness and self-esteem. You can either change your circumstances or change yourself. Another thing that impedes enjoying a good life that you have to let go of is depending on outside forces and outcomes to make you happy. Once you tie your identity and happiness to achieving some goal, you're in trouble. You have to know the difference between what you can change and what is beyond your control. For example, if you wanted children and you don't have them and you can accept that, then you can go out and build nurturing relationships with young people. You may have spent a lot of time and study trying to be a journalist but cannot break into the media so you accept that you tried as hard as you could and you go home and write a best-seller. Maybe you wanted love from someone who couldn't give it. Find love within and for yourself. Make your goals flexible - this is where your creativity can kick in. You can only swim to the best of your ability with the flippers you were given. But you can still achieve - if not your exact goal - then one that is almost the same or even better if you become a realistic and practical thinker. You don’t have to retreat into fantasy or suffering to find the things that will make your life fantastic.

    Your spiritual guidance card for your second question is -

    The Card of THE LAW OF ACTION
    In this situation, you are the only one who can create what you want. You are being called on to move more actively into life. Vision isn’t enough unless it is combined with venture. It’s not enough to 'stare up the steps unless you also step up the stairs'. Action brings results, (results chase depression and negativity) manifesting different outcomes depending upon your thoughts, dreams, emotions, and words. Therefore, you must engage in actions that support those thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. Words may be cheap, concepts and philosophies may be elegant, ideas may abound, and good intentions may sound impressive. But no matter what you feel or know, no matter what your potential gifts or talents, only action brings them to life. The Law of Action states that it is better to do what you need to do than not do it and have a good reason for not doing it. Rather than sitting around and brooding over what you can't do or don't have or what you have failed at, you must get moving! Positivity follows activity. Many of us understand concepts such as commitment, courage and love, but we truly only come to know them when we can actually do something. Doing leads to understanding, and action turns knowledge to wisdom. The Law of Action teaches us to overcome both inertia and impatience, to get past fear and insecurity, and to hurdle self-doubt, depression, lethargy, apathy, excuses and a hundred good reasons not to rock the boat, by acting out of courage, clear intention, and commitment. When you do, you cannot over-think or over-analyse. Action alone brings potential into reality. Dreams, thoughts, good intentions, commitment, courage, love remain good concepts - however only action brings them into being. Action is stronger than judgments based on individual personal impressions and feelings and opinions rather than external facts. No matter what you feel or think or fear, you can still act. To turn ideas into action requires initial discomfort, effort, intention, strength, commitment, movement of energy, and courage, because to act is to take a risk. But you only grow stronger from your own action - you have to be proactive to determine your growth. Being reactive is fear-based defensiveness. Being proactive is having the courage to commit to change. Act or be acted upon - it's your choice. Don’t wait for permission, motivation, or approval to go after what you want. Wait too long and fear, inertia, or ‘reason’ will take over. Fear is not a good reason not to do something. The only time you bring out your inner courage and strength is when you are afraid. Just do it. Even if you fail, you will learn something that will help you next time and it’s better than never trying at all. Stop thinking you should change and actually do it! Stop wondering what the future holds. Keep it simple. Decide what you want and go after it until you get it.

  • @TheCaptain said in Free Spiritual Guidance Readings:

    s. Acknowledge your imperfections, failures, and weaknesses and let them go. My ex boyfriend was constantly reminding me of my weaknesses. I dont do that to myself. I remind myself of my daily triumphs. Take pride in the fact that I left him and I am so much happier and better off. I say to myself every day, I am worthy, I am a good person, a good mother, and so forth. I dont let his negative self talk get to me anymore.

    The hardest thing for me is realizing how bad the situation was and seeing it all after the fact. But he was a clever person who was manipulative and knew how to hide himself until he got his claws in me. So now, I have learned to forgive myself for not seeing it sooner. But its on him,not me.
    So I took your advice and I fought inaction with action. I did meet someone at work, and he is very kind, and well grounded. We actually have a lot in common. I asked him out today, I was so nervous. But I was proud of myself. Of course, he just started seeing someone. But he told me if it wasn't for that he would definitely see me, that he likes me as well. I told him if he changes his mind and (I gave him the brightest smile I could muster) that he knew where to find me. I was still most definatley interested. Because you never know things may not work out with them. I sense he is into me as much as I am him. So we will see what happens, I feel like he left the door open. Now I wont have to obsess over it, cause I did it! I'm fighting inaction with action and being more positive and kinder to myself. My kids and I are also getting along much better now too! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this reading for me. I appreciate it Captain!

  • @TulipLilly that is so wonderful!!!!!

  • @TheCaptain Thank you for providing this service. I have two questions I'd like you to address if you can:

    1. How do I address self-sabotaging behavior such as doubt, procrastination, especially when I know I'm capable of so much. I start of fast and then, the engines shut off. This is for everything.
    2. How do you know if someone from your past is really sorry? I've been hurt so many times by my first love (I'm in my 40s)? How do I know he is apologetic for his actions?

  • @NikGrateful
    The answer to your first question is -

    The Card of THE LAW OF FAITH
    Your situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Faith. The Law of Faith is founded upon the recognition that we know more than we have read, heard or studied; we know more because we are more. We have a direct link to universal wisdom - we only have to look, listen, and trust. Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it transcends all the lower laws and makes the impossible possible. Faith allows miracles to take place. The Law of Faith is simple. If you have total faith in an outcome, it will come about. When you doubt, you push away that which you want. You must allow absolute, implicit, total trust in the Divine, so you know that whatever is for the greatest good will happen. Faith takes away fear. Faith means constantly listening to your inner guidance and intuition. ‘Blind faith’ however implies giving away your trust without a foundation for it. Blind faith is merely hope. Confidence is faith in self. If you have a foundation of self-esteem and worth, you will be a relaxed and easy person to be with. No one can undermine you, for you will trust your own ability, and others will intuitively trust you. Faith is the foundation for success, manifestation, prayer and decrees. When you have faith in a vision, it must succeed. Faith is the greatest power there is. But don’t limit the ways good fortune can strike you. If you want money, don’t narrow your chances by believing only in winning the lottery. If you want the perfect job, don’t focus on any particular field or profession. If you want true love, don’t pin your hopes on one particular person because they may not be the right one for you in the end. Have faith that a Higher Power knows better than you do what you need. Just believe you are attracting abundance and true love - and allow it to come from anywhere and anyone - and it will happen. You are being asked to trust in Spirit. Faith does not require a belief in a religion, it’s about trusting the love and intelligence of the Universe, and Spirit working through you and all creation. As you live in the Light of this Law, it will transform your perception and experience. You will find lessons and opportunities in every challenge. What would happen to you right now if a miracle occurred and you knew with absolute certainty that God existed and you were part of God/spirit/the Universe? Assume that you received confirmation that, without a shadow of a doubt, God is here guiding you, protecting you, loving you. That God will give you everything you need to make you heal, grow and evolve into Being - a part of God. That you now no longer had to fear anything, that you would not lose anything that was needed for your Higher Good. That you could love everything and everyone for Who They Really Are, parts of God. That every pleasure and every hardship you had to experience was for your Higher Good so you could heal, grow and evolve into Being, a part of God. That you should no longer have any fear and that you could know only love. What would happen to you right now, and in every successive moment of now, if you believed this to be true? Do you really want it to be true? Then live your life as if this were true. Believe it; See it; Do it; Create it. What do you have to lose? Is your life right now better than believing that God is here and you are part of God? That God is love and You are love. Have faith that God is here with you now. That you are part of God. That God is love. That you are love - and see what happens to your life. Trust the process. Expect a miracle. The Law of Faith reminds us to trust the Spirit inside ourselves to give us the best answers and solutions, to believe we know the right thing to do - and to do it. Don't let any fear, doubt or negativity interfere with the flow of what you want.

    The answer to your second question is -

    The Card of Fantasy and Escapism
    You are living in a dream world of fantasy and unreality. You may be fooling yourself by wishing for an unrealistic outcome or someone else is fooling you. What you hope will happen might not ever happen, and you have to learn to accept and be content with that. Perhaps you need to inject a more light-hearted approach to your situation and stop being so serious and brooding about it. Fantasies can be very pleasant and can help you get a handle on what you want and make you feel good about yourself, but equally they should not take over your life. Fantasies can make life and people do what we what them to do. It’s fine to dream if it inspires you to manifest the dream in reality. But empty fantasizing without real action only results in isolation and dissatisfaction, ultimately. Fear is what is usually behind such a situation, the fear that the reality won’t be as good as the fantasy. And it is safer, though not nearly as satisfying or fulfilling as reality. In the fantasy world, a person can be the ruler and master and there is no pain or rejection or embarrassment or awkwardness. When you dream, however, there is little or no chance of what you dream ever happening. But when you take a risk and step out into the real world by putting the past behind you, you increase your chances of success by 100%. A lot of energy goes into escapism - energy that could be used in the real world to get what you want. If you constantly waste your energy in fantasizing, brooding or worrying over something, then when a lucky situation presents itself in real life, you may not have the energy to be aware and be present enough to recognise and grasp it. Fantasy makes you ungrounded and unable to focus or find solutions. Don’t be afraid of failure or not getting what you want. People who succeed are not those who try and fail but those who keep on failing and yet keep getting up and trying again and again until they get what they want. It takes guts and determination but you have these qualities - and more - inside you. You have abundant lovability, imagination and creativity. You need to be brave and stop dreaming now. Find yourself an authentic lifestyle, either facing the reality - and not just what you desire - in your current circumstances or else swapping the fantasy for the real thing, even if it takes some time and courage to obtain it. You owe yourself that much. Let go of old dead dreams and move forward into a new life.

  • @TheCaptain I would like to know if this person is supposed to be in my life or disregarded. I’m a Gemini Woman and he’s Pisces Man. At first we were just hooking up during a undergrad summer then he randomly called years later. Since that call… he’s ghosted then returned (I told him in person how immature that is), asked if I wanted to hook up even though he had a gf (he would say I was dramatic but I fact-checked that he consistently made things difficult), ghosted on a golden job offer I offered (he said it wouldn’t work with his “plan”)… then randomly calls me for help with finding a job after that but once I was able to find the right ppl (which he swore I couldn’t do), he said I was really irritating. Over time, any time I said I did something, he’d questioned me as if they were impossible.

    I’m 6/12/91 - Gem
    He’s 2/22/92 - Pisces

    The very odd part of why I bother, is the connection we have in person. You’d think we were a couple however, one day it’s amazing and then the next, it’s distant. I don’t understand and would just like some help.
    Funny, he’s also an Army Captain.

  • @TheCaptain

    I would like to know if this person is meant to be in my life or he just needs to be ignored. I’m Gem Woman and he’s a Pisces man. He’s sooo hot and cold.

    His bday - 2/22/92
    Mine - 6/12/91

    He will ghost when he doesn’t want to take responsibility. It’s the strangest relationship because in person, you’d think we were a couple. He does everything I’d want a man to do but the next day is the complete opposite and he’s so mean.

  • This post is deleted!

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