Is he interested ?

  • Hello, I'd appreciate insight from anyone who feels drawn to my post. Don't blame me but I'm not good reading signs from men as I've been single for a long time .lol.Well I've caught him staring at me a few times and he didn't look away or try to hide it. And he appeared happy when he said hi to me . I I also noticed a sparkle in his eyes. He has grey eyes and is an aries. He appears to be a nice guy . Is he interested or just being friendly ? Thank you .

  • Interested.

  • Definantly intrested. try touching his arm or something next time hes around and see if you feel any chemistry. Sounds like good possibilty. good luck

  • Thanks manifestdreams and lovinmylife 🙂

    lovinmylife I'm shy . I wouldn't have the guts to try touching his arm .lol. I just say hi to him.

    I'd rather wait for him to make a move if he is really interested.

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