If I start to move on will a cancer man come back?

  • I’ve been doing research on cancers for the past few months since knowing one and being interested in one. I can’t seem to figure out if I start to move on and lose interest if he will come back and chase me again? I know most men in general want what they can’t have. Ignoring a cancer is also a terrible thing to do well depends on the situation really. I just need stories or opinions of subtle ways to get him to chase again. He was so into me then out of no where within a day he started acting different and became distant but I never did or said anything to make him act this way. It could be his own personal life issues but he pushed me away and it hasn’t really been the same ever since. I want him to come back to me slowly not all at once but I want him to be into me the way he was in the beginning and I’m not sure how to do that. If anyone would be able to give me some tips from their past relationships with a cancer man that would be amazing