Captain, There are two people at work I'm interested in. Would either one of these guys be into me as well?

  • Captain, there are 2 different people at work. That I'm feeling a pull towards. The one has insanely good positive energy. But he is younger and seems to be assessing me from a distance. Not sure if he has made up his mind about me. He seems at times t o want to talk and other times he is busy at work. The second guy is a little older, he is very polite and has this cologne that smells so nice. When he walks away its like the scent lingers in a pleasant way. He's always in a good mood. This guy is always friendly at work and more approachable. Do you think either of these 2 guys would be interested in me? Is it possible that one of them could be my soul mate? Thanks. I'd appreciate your opinion in the matter.

  • I don't think someone having a nice cologne is enough of a link to bind you together. Instead of always looking for an outcome, just relax and let things happen as they will. Be friendly but let the guy show his interest.

  • @TheCaptain he is just really friendy and nice to talk too. I'm probably overthinking it too.

  • TulipLilly, it might be beneficial to improve your relationship with yourself first before looking around for another person.

  • @TheCaptain
    @TulipLilly what @TheCaptain is suggesting is easier said that done but what I know is if you do not like yourself you attract the wrong people. When you have a full life not dependent on another person BINGO that special person turns up.
    Good luck

  • @Jayann can I ask you a quick question Captain? Have you heard of the master wang website? Their is a psychic who draws pictures of people who are their soulmates. What's your take on that? I did it for fun to try it out. Would you like to see the picture? Also the one guy at work. I feel inexplicably drawn to him. I jave no idea why. At first I thought I liked him. But now I'm thinking that I am meant to learn a lesson from him. But I keep thinking about him becuase I embarrassed myself in front of him. I found out my dad has cancer and may only have 3 to 5 years left to live. I found this out right before I went to work the one day. I cried in front of this guy at work. Which I never cry like that. The idea of my dad being sick for a year and getting misdiagnosed by his doctor was hard for me to deal with. So I have been embarrassed around this one guy ever since.. its been super awkward around this guy. I just would like to clear it up. But I honestly think it affected me more than it did him. 😆

  • @TheCaptain it's too soon for me to look for another guy. I'm thinking I should hold off. I think I need to focus on developing a relationship with myself first. I'm also not used to being by myself. So I have to learn how to live by myself and enjoy the time with my kids too. I did do the soulmate drawing. But that was for fun.

  • @Jayann good advice Jayann! I have heard this too. I don't think that its that I don't like myself. Just that I'm not acquainted with myself. I'm so busy helping others that I don't focus enough on myself. So when I do find a guy. It certainly won't be someone that is dependent on me an. I can't fix them. They have to want to be able to help themselves.

  • @TulipLilly I would like to see the picture, though I have never heard of the website. Did you like the image or feel drawn to it?

  • @TulipLilly
    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he beats the big C.
    I think you should write and explain why you were crying that day so the gentleman would understand that this not normal behaviour for you.
    When I meet the love of my life I did not think him physical attractive but when he started talking to me something happened. He was not telling me that I was beautiful, sexy etc but just taking about himself.
    I would love to see the drawing.
    take care and stay safe

  • sorry to hear about your father

  • @akshaysharma thanks I appreciate that

  • @TheCaptain sorry I didn't see this before. Well I could look for the image. I'm not sure what I felt. I can try to see if I have a copy. I mean it was someone I wouldn't have expected. Lol 😆 do you knownif there is a way to delete some of my old posts and aome of my new ones. I don't like the fact that they go back so far and having to (look a them the ones of my ex)

  • @TulipLilly you'd have to ask admin.

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