Capricornmen loves me but y r dey so cruelll!!

  • i mean i was an a relationship with an "capman" and it was like love at 1st sight for him anyway,we were 2gether 4n half 5years and there's a 10yr difference in our age,I'm older but our age was never an issue in the relationship? also we have a child his 1st which he begged for,but for some reason he just use to go from hot to cold in seconds and it was like he loved me and GOD knows i loved him too but i never could understand him,he was never satisfied with nothing not even himself ! he was mad when we were 2gether and really really mad when we weren't.i still hate it had to end BUT I'm glad I'm not on THAT emotional roller coaster anymore BUT i still miss him i don't know man somebody please tell me something i need help i just don't know anymore!

  • I am married to a Cap man for almost 9 years now. he also likes children and that's why I was hoping to get one soon. The thing with Cap is they are competitive and ambitious in a lot of things, they can be unforgiving to partners that delay them somehow. Whatever you do, be independent and don't procrastinate if they put work or money first on top of comfort or love. They are cardinal signs, so they can change to whatever suits them at the time being. Be independent and steady during this change for he will see this as a sign you are capable of climbing the mountain as goats do.

    My Cap hubby has an Aqua female friend that he likes to talk to - and argue with at times because she tends to talk a lot about herself and not mentioning how others have succeeded also. They do not like people that boast too much, since what they are action and not talker people. Even if you boast your achievement etc it's fine but don't forget to mention how others contribute to it. I have some Aqua friends that tend to do this also. I can't say a Leo is not boasting type, but I certainly never claim all that I have done successfully as my own doing. There are good people that do contribute to my success and failures in life, including hubby.

    Caps can drain you emotionally if you don't know how to handle their ever changing course. and they may see this as a sign that you are not the one they should share their lives with.

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