Love matters... Help I need some psychic guidance

  • Hi all,

    I open my heart to a man I believed (and still do) to be my soulmate. We both lived in sepreate towns and most of our communication was dun via internet.. There is a lot of passion with in the relationship but I find this man kept putting me down and constantly being negative towards me to which left me feeling constantly down. I would do anyting to gain his affection... this man has now dumped me via txt message and now he wont talk tome but reply back to my messages in a nasty manner.... He has recently told me he hates me and does not want anyting to do with me.. That hurts but I cant help feeling for him..We both have a strong spritual connection. I know wen he is going to call.. If he is in pain I pyshically feel his pain.. I just know he is my soulmate.. But what has gone wrong? Am i under some physhic attack?

    We are both piscies my DOB 25/02/1969 and his date of birth 14/03/1963..

  • maybe you do have strong connection, maybe it is meant to be that your paths will cross and you two met online or real life regardless. but his negativity is not helping the relationship to grow and until he can stop sending this type of energy out, there is no future in your relationship. positive energy supports life, including life of a relationship. those in this relationship have to contribute, not just one of you.

    whatever or whoever it is he is angry with, that makes him send this energy out, he has to deal with it. you can't, it is his lesson to learn. you can be there for him, if you can find it in your heart to forgive him and continue sending positive energy. how long you can last doing this or whether you can do it, only you know the answer.

    things happen for a reason. the universe doesn't just send challenges out because it has nothing else to do. I can see what lesson you and him need to learn from this. but the question is, can you? and can he? I hope things will clear up so that you can see it for yourself and make your decision. I've tried telling people what lesson I see the universe is trying to tell them, but I can't make them see it the way I do therefore they won't choose to do what I would do if I were in their shoes. So this is all I can say.

  • Hi Sherpink,

    I'm starting to think that soulmate is a dirty word. It seems to be used on this forum to describe pain, misery and rejection. You asked if you were under some kind of psychic attack but it seems like you might be doing the attacking. If someone says that they want nothing to do with you and you continue to text and try to contact them, then you are harassing them. I can't tell, from your post, if you actually had a relationship with this person or if it was just an online thing, but it doesn't really matter. Listen, love doesn't hurt like this. This isn't about soulmates this is about trying to validate your worthiness by how someone else feels about you. We should all get a sense of our worth through our parents when we are little, but the reality is a lot of us don't. Many go on to try to pull that out of others and when there is rejection the drive is even stronger to get that person's approval. Please stop giving your power away. Start looking in the mirror and telling yourself. " I have value, I am special, I accept love but don't demand it, other people's opinions don't diminish me, I expect to be treated well and I won't accept less, I will walk away from those that belittle me and make room for those that treat me kindly." This is a gift you can give yourself, that no one can take away from you. You will start to attract people that truly care about you. I wish you all the best....remember you deserve it!

  • many thanks for your kind words.... I am in pain and I have found this expereince so hard because I do believe in Karmic energies so I always ltry to be positive in my tinking. This relationship was very physical but due to work commitments it meant we communicated on line daily..... I wanted to help this man to develop a positive mental attitude....

    Your advice is spot on and I know I would be saying the same ting to sumone else.. Ur right love sud not be painful. and I know there are lesson for me to take way from this expereince but im unsure What bcos I tried my utmost to be open and honest in this relationship.. The joke is I gave more of me in this relationship than any other and this man has made me feel worthless.... Im gonna fight this negativity and move on!

  • Manifestdreams: I see you have some wisdom there. Wonderful to see.

  • I'm glad you're moving on Sherpink. It is very painful to be hurt by someone that you gave so much of yourself to. You said that you wanted to help this man develop a positive mental attitude... It's natural for people, especially women, to want to help others, but often we just end up enabling them. By not walking away from someone that's being nasty we inadvertently teach them that it's OK to treat us this way. I can tell from your last post that you know in your heart that you deserve better and I am confident that you will find it. Stay strong, the pain will eventually go away and you'll be all the wiser for it.

    Hanged woman...Thanks for the compliment. I've enjoyed your posts too.

  • I wanted to say I believe soulmate is a dirty word too manifestdreams and also great heartfelt advice to sherpink. It seems whenever we feel an instant or deep connection with someone of the opposite sex we want to believe they are our soulmate (the one and only person meant for us that would be so sad). I do believe when I feel an instant connection with someone there is a reason for that meeting. Relationships however and Karmic paths crossing aren't always for romantic bliss or happily ever after. They are simply sometimes lessons we have to learn from within ourselves that perhaps would not have been clear should we not have met that individual here and now. I look for the lesson or the meaning in meeting certain individuals.

    I hurt for you sherpink no one that you have given love and care to should be so cruel in return. I have been there & I am sure we are not alone. Never let anyone else define you and I would advise no communication since it seems it is all negative towards you, not needed. His loss will be your growth. Good luck and blessed be.

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