Card interpretation help! Please!

  • Hi! I’ve recently done a spread for myself about a past connection and I need some help with the card interpretations.

    I asked ‘Will they reach out?’ and I pulled ‘the devil’ and ‘the magician’ (Biddy Tarot Deck), I then dropped my second deck and three cards popped out and I felt like I needed to bring them into the reading and those were ‘King of Swords’, ‘Death/Rebirth’ and ‘knight of pentacles’ (Light Seers Deck).

    Does anyone know how to interpret these cards? Thanks

    For a little bit of reference I also pulled ‘the devil’ and ‘the chariot’ for ‘How do they feel about me?’ (Light seers)
    And ‘5 of swords’ and ‘4 of cups’ for ‘Are they currently thinking of me?’ (Light seers)

    Thank you in advance!! ☺

  • @Amarah97
    Using yes and No questions can be conducive to What else is going on with the situation...

    The Devil speaks of addictions, repeated patterns, bad habits, chained to situation, person etc...
    The Magician can speak to being untrustworthy , looking beyond the illusion...... So looking at these two cards I would say Yes he may reach out but you need to be wary of the reasons Why....

    King of Swords, Death/Rebirth and knight of pentacles
    You need find a Solution with some deep thinking, as things need to change but this may take a long time....
    Solutions needed , deep thinking, as things end, change, transform with the slow journey Ahead...

    How do they feel about you?
    The Devil, The Chariot...
    Addicted, repeated pattern, bad habit but can also be sexual... Chariot can speak of direction after contemplation, brings a sense of success Triumph , victory but yet to maintained ...
    I would see this as a sexual conquest ... on some level.

    Are they thinking of me? Question...
    5 of Swords and 4 of Cups
    A no win situation, defeated, a bit of a quarrel, fight.... With Boredom, dissatisfaction, missing the bigger picture ...
    The Answer I would say they are dealing with their own life so no not Always thinking of you...

    These are some thoughts , some ramblings .... and there may be other factors within the situation.. Take care ..

  • Hi @Amarah97

    Querent's Question : Will they reach out?

    The devil

    Represents your desires and feelings in relation to the question, in course of action, the course of approach that should indeed be taken.
    You feel worried about how they would reach out whether it by text, online, phone or email communication. The magician shows an opportunity
    that indeed they will reach out at their earliest opportunity, however if it feels forced on either your part or theirs, it just won't happen. BUT, there is plenty room for more opportunity in the sea so hold the positive thinking on this.

    King of Swords

    King of swords represents your worries and concerns about the situation so as to ensure you to free yourself from the power of negative thinking and thoughts that could hold connotations and impact it, also, it reveals a masculine energy, a younger sense of soul with a career driven and carefully planned attitude to life.... this king of swords could also show a older masculine energy or a young person with an old presence, whichever the case, the death/rebirth card shows that changes are indeed afoot, so the chance of communication of them reaching out is more than likely to take place, at your choice or theirs, in time.

    Knight of pentacles

    Indicates a desire to resist in that of spending time reflecting on earthly and materialistic matters, on what might have happened if the situation came to its conclusion, again the emitting thought of negative thinking will hinder the situation and possibility of chance for them to connect.
    the key is to stop worrying that they won't connect or overthinking/analyzing the situation and let what happens, happens.

    How do they feel about you?

    The chariot shows that there's a battle on their hands in aligning their emotions and feelings for you, the devil also shows that they are sorting through their own feelings in relation as to how they feel about you, much of their desire is suppressed, it also shows an occurrence of how they need to express their voice a bit more in communication, too.

    Are they currently thinking of you?

    Five of Swords

    The strong resonance is yes you are in the forefront of their thoughts, as they deal with their emotions in regards to the matter at hand.
    But their own conscious worries as to how the connection has panned out will also take precedence, but assurance is indeed with you on this that they will reach out but in their own time, give or take a few months grace, as soon as they've sorted out their own emotional battle and turmoil, in relation to their well being and state of awareness, they will be reaching out. you are a strong person with the agility to move forwards from the past, there is a sense of karma here as well and its a karmic battle that they are facing, but as soon as that has blown over, there is a strong sense that they will reach out to you.

    4 of cups

    Confirmation card for the 5 of swords

    there's a sense of here by the month of june. cups show that the emotions are flowing and that the atmosphere is tense, there are blockages to work through and you are to trust in your intuition as to whether or not to response to the missive of communication. the general sense that it is positive news on the horizon and you are being wished good luck with it as well. there's a feeling like you've been stung/hurt before and are given some healing in the form of a dock leaf, for the pain. so go carefully this time in your approach, trust your intuition and keep your guard up! Protection is indeed with you though.

    Hopefully this translation helps.

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