Marseille tarot reading

  • Hi everyone!!

    I just started today with my first own reading! I would like, as a beginner, ask what meaning would you perceive from this card reading i performed today.

    My question was, what do I need to know? Am I well-aligned?

    And it resulted in:

    Knight of wands, High priestess, lovers, emperor, the devil.

    Ace of swords at the bottom of the deck.

    Thank you all so much!!

  • @quimdarko
    TdM readings quite different on some levels that RWS ...

    Knight of Wands- young adult with desires, creativity, vitality
    High Priestess- Study, learning, Seer, Ancient knowledge
    Lovers- choices, Relationships
    Emperor, Leader, Authoritive, Provider,
    The Devil, Addictions, chained to the past, repeated pattern, habits

    I would see these cards together to say you have creativity, desires within, knowing knowledge is gained from the past, A New relationship asks you make some choices, being in control of your journey to break free from past repeated patterns ....

    With Ace of Swords- finding clarity, new beginnings to cut away the confusion. new plans needed...

    Hope this helps .. some thoughts, ramblings

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