Giving cancer man space.. good or bad thing?

  • Is giving a cancer his space for a while a good or bad thing? If they’re going through something and pushes you away and you give them space will they eventually come back to you? My cancer is going through his own battles and doesn’t open up until he is ready I normally wait until he is okay to talk about it and sometimes he just randomly says it without me asking. This time it’s alittle different he pushed me alittle further but all I did was just wait patiently still doing that now and I did ask if he was alright and how he is doing but I’m distancing myself since I love him and he has his own issues to deal with. I was wondering if I distance myself when he is better will he come back to me? I never did anything to hurt him as a friend or lover so he technically has nothing against me as a person I’m just curious. He has come back to me before I was just into someone else so I didn’t give him the time of day. Now that he’s back into my life I care deeply about him and it pains for me to distance myself to have him fix what he can about his personal battles, but I want him to come back and we can be back to the way we were.