Gemini woman and cancer man compatibility

  • I wanted to see the views of if a gemini woman and a cancer man can work out or if there’s no chance at it and how to get a cancer man to chase you again. What would you have to do like leave him alone for a little bit and give him space for him to realize what he had?

  • A father figure or mentor of the Cancer man plays a pivotal role in the 2022. One or both of you could have the opportunity to travel which would be advantageous in exposing you to new ideas and systems of belief. If you are traveling, be aware that complications could arise, including restrictions or accidents. The Gemini woman is intensely focused on professional goals and feels close to a major break through or promotion. As a couple, be aware that there may be not skirting family complications. A relative's recent poor decision could have wide reaching consequences that pull the two of you in. Work through the stress together and you'll be stronger for it.

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  • you will need to provide date of births for the male and for the female.

  • @Jayann 06/02/2000 and his birthday is 06/27/2000

  • @Gemini0602
    I do not do readings so used other websites
    You can be a harmonious couple if you pay attention to leave enough free space to each other when you are striving for your own careers. You have much in common, such as strong personalities, stubbornness, perseverance and challenge. Your common life goals bring you together. Both of you are intelligent, energetic and have strong desire for dominance. Even the female dragon is willing to make the decisions on her own instead of being shielded.
    I have someone else does the reading for you.
    Please remember that there is free well in everything.