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  • Hi

    I was looking at my career prospects and pulled both the 6 then 5 of pentacles

    I took this to mean that I am good at my job but that I am not necessarily valued by colleagues or that I isolate myself too much.

    How would you interpret this? I a new so only take each card at the individual value and find it difficult to combine them.

    I then pulled the three of swords reversed. What could that add to the meaning? I wasn’t sure if it meant that things would start to work out?



  • @Alnab
    Which deck did you use?

    6 of Pentacles could speak of giving a lot of self to things to others...Unconditional giving, receiving, charity , Balance , Hope and fortune for the future looks good, opportunity for promotion is possible. Financial Gain.

    with the 5 of pentacles being lead out of the cold ... can also mean poverty. Don't give up, a loss could come from a legal issue. Be careful about neglecting your health... a loss is possible.

    Overcall it could speak of a promotion is possible as you give a lot of self ... just keep going, do not give up,. there may be a loss on some level ...
    with the 3 of Swords (RX)
    There is a possibility about turning things around on some level .. a heart break is dealt with on a more positive note.
    This may speak of a need to give something up to improve conditions within career.

    Hope this gives you some ideas about what the cards could mean on some level.. knowing the cards have many layers ..

  • @hekatesxing thanks for that. I used the radiant wise spirit deck and I was aiming to focus on career. I just couldn't link the first 2 cards because they are complete opposites

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