Understanding the minor arcana

  • Hi all

    I am very much a new tarot reader and I am trying to make sense of the minor arcana.

    I have been advised by several people and books to start by linking elements and numerology

    For the cups, I have managed this, being able to link the numerology meanings to that of emotions and relationships.

    However, I am having a bit of difficulty with the pentacles.

    I am struggling to make the link to see how the 2 of pentacles means time management, multitasking and prioritising.

    Can anyone please explain this to me?

    Many thanks


  • @Alnab

    In traditional Rider Waite tarot deck, the two of pentacles has a jester balancing two pentacles. Pentacles in general are about earthly issues like money, work, family etc. The jester is trying to juggle these two pentacles without the pentacles falling to the ground. You can apply that to juggling work and personal life etc.

  • Thanks for that..that makes sense. So it links to the number 2 numerologically because it represents balance?

  • @Alnab
    2’s represent balance, duality, Union etc. But sometimes in tarot to make things less complicated, all you have to do is look at the picture on the card and understand what is being shown. That’s how I learned. 🤷🏾♀

  • I always think of Pentacles (or Coins) as 'resources', be it money/earthly goods, time energy and the physical body.
    2s are about duality and balance.
    Think of 2 of Pents in terms of balancing time and energy, income vs outgoings, time and money, energy spent vs payment received.
    In RWS the guy is trying to keep things in perpetual flow but seems like he could lose his balance (one foot raised) so it's a constant readjustment (hence the lemniscate).

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