Captain, can you see if my spirit guide has any messages of encouragement for me and my kids??

  • I broke up with my bf. I'm so up and down with whole thing. I know it was the right thing to do. But it was still hard to do. He won't let me get my stuff in my terms. He's trying to control the situation. I'm trying to go there to get my stuff with family members because I don't trust him. I'm worried he will try and talk me out of it. He also said he's willing to change but I don't buy it.Not for a second. I know he's not healthy for me, and I miss the dogs 😢 . I know that sounds dumb. My kids are doing really well and flourishing since I moved out of there. Whenever I waiver. I think of my kids and how happy we are together and us getting our own place! Plus I pray to Arcangel Micheal to help me stay focused on my plan with my kids and for protection. Also, thank you for all the advice you have been giving me and also for giving me your physic input. I really appreciate you ❤ Captain!! Words can't express the gratitude that I feel towards you✌thanks:)

    P.s. Captain do u know anything about transits and money making opportunities during them?

  • TulipLilly, your spirit guide's message for you is "Whenever you feel that everything is going great and that obstacles solve themselves, or someone else solves them for you, or you easily overcome them, it means that you are going with the flow - you are using the Law of Non-Resistance to your benefit. When that happens, unaware people may consider themselves ‘lucky’. This is not luck - it is just the correct path they are taking. And those ‘unlucky’ ones who only meet misfortunes are not really unlucky, they are just heading the wrong way. The Law of Non-Resistance teaches that, whenever you resist some situation, you are giving more power to it. This way, you make the problem increasingly harder to solve. What you resist always persists. This is because, by resisting something, you are directing negative energy to that object. You make it stronger, therefore it affects you more negatively. The problem may even appear too big to be solved. You start feeling disempowered and you lose hope that you can overcome such situation. This happens because you use your energy to resist the situation, and you have no or little energy left to actually overcome it. By acting this way, you disobey the Law of Non-resistance. The first sign of resisting any situation is when you start struggling with it. Struggle always shows that you are going against the flow. The universe is always doing its best for you, so trust it. You should change the direction whenever you notice that you are struggling with life. The best way to approach any problem is by firstly acknowledging it. You should see the situation for what it is, and not neglect any aspect of it. After acknowledging it, you should take action from the present moment, rather than from over-thinking it. Whenever you acknowledge the problem, you completely surrender to it. By that, you are saying to yourself ‘I know that I have this problem in my life’. This lets you see the situation in the best way possible for what the situation truly is. Whatever action you take from such acknowledgement will be the correct action. Why? Because by acting from the state of acknowledgement, you are giving only positive energy to the action you are taking to solve a problem. Whenever you give out positive energy, you receive positive energy back. So, when you take a positive action to solve a problem, you will get a solved problem in return. You should always take positive rather than negative action. This way, you will make the Law of Non-Resistance work for you. If you see no way to solve a problem, you should leave it for a while. When you come back to it, you may notice that the problem was solved by someone else or you will get ideas in your mind that will lead you to the solving of a problem. But that will only happen if you leave the problem unsolved with a peaceful mind rather than worrying about it throughout the day. Whenever you encounter some difficulty, you should never fight it. Acknowledge it, surrender to it, and take action from the present moment. This way, the action you will take will always be the best way to solve the problem. For a long time, you resisted admitting/seeing that your situation with your boyfriend was unhealthy and controlling. But now you are flowing freely, having made the correct decision to move on. It is always hard for you to stand on your own without a partner to depend/lean on but you will now discover the many strengths you have that have been lying idle for years.

  • And no, I am not a traditional astrologer and know nothing about things like transits etc.

  • @TheCaptain thank you for this information from my spirit guide. I have re read this multiple times. I haven't heard of the Law Of Resistance. I have now read up on it. It makes a crap ton of sense. So basically when I don't address a problem right away and go against what the universe wants for me. Things in my life start not working out and it makes sense with my relationship with my ex boyfriend. The non action leads to more negativity. Than trying to positively assert myself over the situation. But when I decided to break up I tried to do that and he wouldn't listen to me. So I made a plan to leave him in such a way where it wasn't as obvious so I could leave. When I thought about a problem I asked for guidance from the universe and from arch angel micheal to protect me and keep me focused on my goal. Which was leaving and finding another place to live for my kids and in such a way where he would let me leave without him trying to get me to change my mind.. Things in my life started to come together much easier and everything seemed to make sense. If I had a problem I prayed and meditated about it. Eventually an idea or an answer would come and then I would act on it. I feel like the more I did this the easier it got for me to listen to my intuition and make better choices for myself and my kids. Thanks for your help too! I really value what you have to say. I do still need to get the rest of my stuff out his place. My family was going to come with me snd he wouldn't let them come over. I'm afraid to go there by myself. And he's trying to control the whole thing so it's on his terms. So for now I'm not getting my stuff until an answer presents itself from universe.

  • @TulipLilly can you go in when he's not there?

  • @TheCaptain well he's not working right now cause his business is slow. He is home all the time now.

  • Then you really need to find someone to accompany you.

  • @TheCaptain he is now trying to get ahold of me again. He won't leave me be. He's not listening to me when I tell him I am done and I want to move on. My kids no longer feel conformable there and neither do I. They no longer trust him. He wants a chance to explain himself to them. I don't want to put them through that. How can I get home to listen to me? I think he's in denial.

  • @TulipLilly do you really need the things you left behind with him? It seems to be causing you more stress than to simply replace them. He is holding your stuff over your head to try and control you and get you back under his thumb.

  • @TheCaptain some of it I do. I have a jewelry box , half of my clothes, sandals and shoes, shadow box and my sewing machine plus craft stuff which is probably worth a decent enough amount whre I wouldn't be able to replace my sewing machine and my sewing supplies with it. I may need to get the police involved. I blocked him today on my phone too. Since he's not respecting my boundaries.

  • @TulipLilly would the police escort you?

  • @TheCaptain that's gonna be my next option. I'm thinking if I explain the situation to them. They might be willing to help. I mean the whole thing is ridiculous and immature. I just want to break up and keep my dignity in place. 😆 without rehashing the whole situation with him over and over again. Which is what he's trying to do.

  • @TulipLilly the police would probably only help if they thought you were in physical danger.

  • This post is deleted!

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