Newbie advice - the fool

  • Hi I am a total newbie and looking for advice.

    I asked the question of what I had to do to gin more respect from people at work.
    In a single spread I pulled the fool.

    Not sure if I am seeing the correct picture. I saw it as telling me that I need to take more chances at work and not hold things that will get me noticed for the right reasons. Stop being influenced by others and do what I think is best. Acknowledge worries but work through them and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

    Is this what you would take from this card?

    I asked for further clarification and got the moon and Empress. Not sure about how these fit as I thought the Empress would suggest that in work there is already respect and appreciation.

    I'd really appreciate your Input

    Many thanks

  • @Alnab
    The Fool has many layers - which deck did you use?
    For me The Fool can speak of New Beginnings, having fun, be free-spirited, have some laughs , but also a sense of sometimes needing to be cautious, wary of what is happening around you. Knowing you can have a clean slate, not bringing the past into the current path (stepping out of the void into a path of light) It can speak of not having any baggage, being vulnerable to others. ...

    The Moon can speak of Phases and cycles, enemies, sometimes we are own worst enemy, being afraid, walking into the unknown, it can speak of Taming the wild side- being calm, connecting to the lunar energies . The Tides of the Moon can speak of Emotions within .. Our Dreams ...

    The Empress- can speak of fertility , giving birth to something creative, new, Abundance, bountiful, seeing the beauty around you but also within, caring for others but also caring about self. Healing comes from love ... an unconditional love of another or self ... Motherhood, mother figure ...

    In context with your question one possible answer could speak of "To gain respect from others do not bring your baggage from the past into this path, allow self to be wary of how you act with others, and yet be full of laughter , there could be a need to take a risk on some level in some things ... With a need to face any fears that are holding you back, be kind to others as you should be to self... Acknowledge where you are in this cycle of work, notice the phase you find yourself in, The stage- look at the way your emotions move during work , around others .. bring a sense of abundance to your work... "

    Some ramblings , another perspective on these cards ...
    Hope helps take care