Any tips on Tarot beginners?

  • Hi I am new to Tarot and i Joined here because i want to know more about tarots. Any tips? Thanks

  • @BrianHagopian
    What deck did you buy for yourself ?
    This is the best way to start exploring Tarot if possible .. choose a deck that speaks to you, a deck that appeals to you..
    There are so many amazing decks available to choose from..
    You can use Tarot apps also .. for your phone check out The Fool's Dog or Galaxy Tarot app or on laptop, PC check out ... either way is a good way if you can not purchase a deck straight away. There are also many creators that allow free download a fun creation to begin to learn with.

    There are many decks that have keywords on each card so you can read straight out of the box..
    There are many ways to begin learning Tarot, Through YouTube Videos or through websites/ blogs such as this one which has information in what the cards could mean in a reading ...
    There are many amazing books that teach how to read Tarot ...
    Have a journal that you can write your thoughts in daily... When you do a daily one or two card readings to start with .. as you get more confident in the cards begin to do a variety of 3 card readings before moving on to more cards in a spread..

    There are some books that share exercises, meditations in enhancing your Tarot study ..
    This is a slow journey that takes time to progress through .. Take your time., do not hurry and enjoy the path ahead...

    Hope some of these may help you move ahead on your Tarot journey

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