Captain, feel like doing a relationship reading?

  • Mine Sept 2 1985 11:52a est
    His July 26 1999 8:00a est

  • @IrieEden, a working relationship is the optimal type of affinity here. This project-oriented relationship can be productive for both of you. You and your friend can develop ideas together, coming up with a strategy to give them direction. Your projects will often be humanitarian or charitable in nature. As colleagues, business partners, co-workers or boss-employee, the two of you as work pairs can lift your organization to the highest level of performance and satisfy both financial and idealistic needs. Your friend can be an admirable role model, particularly in his extreme independence and self-sufficiency, which may allow you to give of yourself and to put your energies in the service of joint efforts. You would likely be happy to function as a co-worker or assistant, allowing him to take the lead; often, however, you will prove to be the real power behind your friend's throne.

    Interpersonally, things may not work out so well. Should objectivity wane in a friendship or a love affair here, your nervous and unstable side and the disappointment, boredom and frustration into which your friend is capable of sinking can undermine the relationship. He will crave a variety of experience (he hates predictability) that you may be unable to supply. If he tires of the relationship, he may well hang in there outwardly, but seek excitement and fulfillment elsewhere.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you!

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