• I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the SkyVibe. Shannon's predictions are always on target and provide good advice, and I just love her personality. Plus, I'm a clothes horse and I love every one of her outfits!

    I've been a member here for more than 5 years, and I have gained a lot of insight, especially from Tarot readings, the I Ching, and Astrology. I like the emails too - they are always coming up with something new. My husband makes fun of me for having my cat's chart done, but he loves animals so I know he is only teasing.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration,!


  • "having my cat's chart done" - HAHAHA!!!!!!!! That is SO something I would do......if I had thought of it. Thanks for the idea! I'm gonna go have my birds' chard done now! Awesome!

  • I love skyvibe too and shannon always looks fantastic. She has been spot on many times!!

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