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  • @Slime1997 What deck did you use?
    What was your specific Question when laying out the cards?

    Top Row: 3 of pentacles , 6 of wands, 4 of wands, 7 of cups.
    Bottom row: The magician, the star, the empress, ace of cups.
    Bottom of deck: king of pentacles.

    A quick summary of what the cards could mean..
    3 of Pentacles can speak of recognizing skills, abilities or can speak of being in a group. (depending on the image of the cards)
    6 of Wands - victory after battles ... a sense of being successful in this moment .. harmony
    4 of Wands can speak of commitment., contract. a sense of stability and foundations of one's desires, ambitions, energy. creativity
    7 of Cups can ask us to choose wisely, knowing different options are available but not all paths are positive ..

    Looking at this row overall I feel you have noticed who she is , it may feel as though you could be successful in the moment but will there be a total commitment because of not all paths will lead you to the light.

    The Magician, Looking beyond the illusion, see below the surface... Using tools and skills to manifest desires, can also speak of an untrustworthy person ..
    The Star, Hopes and dreams .. wishes wanted ..
    The Empress, Could be a Mother figure , someone who cares for others, can also be a reminder to see the beauty within all, or a reminder to care for self .. Bounty and abundance .
    ace of Pentacles - potential is positive .. new beginnings , new possibilities.. huge potential to achieve all that is..

    Summary - time to speak beyond the surface, look at what you think may be happening.. the facts of what is..
    There may be some wishing on your behalf.
    She is caring and kind and maybe creates abundance in your life and maybe you feel it has huge potential to be what you want ..

    King of Pentacles we see this as someone who offers new opportunities to the journey . but can also ask you to be practical in your approach, stay grounded in your thoughts also (kings can be air element ) even though Pentacles can be earth in nature ... - Health, finances, security, home , Physical aspect of the journey )

    Without seeing the imagery it can be difficult to get an overall feel of the cards ...
    hope this helps on some level .. Take care

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