How To Help And Aries Man Feel Better.

  • Hello.

    I am a Pisces married with an Aries.

    I love him.

    Maybe you have heard of the metaphor about the demon on an Aries back.

    The uncomfortable feeling that they are always fighting, feelingjust plain bad and guilty.

    My Aries has battled this demon since ive known him, and long before.

    He is wonderful, Funny, social, independent... but because of these feelings He becomes paranoid and irritable. plus many other things that no one enjoys feeling.

    In someways I take on these tendancies myself... I cant help it, it's my Pisces... But how can I help him?

    Even if you have no advise... go ahead and leave me a message, tell me something

  • I love Aries males, not sure about the females (we do clash easily since I don't hold anything back) but the males are fun. male Sag maybe as friends, not commitment. but both fire sign males are really fun to me. we kind of read each others' minds sometimes. Aries male is always funny, or if they are not joking type (I don't know any that is not, but who knows?) they always smile or laugh. I really don't know about the metaphor you speak of, but I guess each person has its downside.

    have you tried doing something fun together? something silly or just a change. let's say instead of making love in the bedroom, you do it in the kitchen or backyard. they are not as adventurous as Sag, but they do have certain degree of curiosity about different culture, history etc. have you tried eating out somewhere you never try the food before? or cook it at home. also do you have outdoor activity? do something different that you haven't done in ages, try martial arts, they may like the unique atmosphere. Halloween is coming, you can dress up scare people off. it's my idea, hubby just thinks it's crazy but this is not the only crazy thing I've done or thought about 🙂

    my dad is aries. he was funny and he always worried if I hurt myself when doing silly things 🙂 if he were my age I would have dragged him with me ding all those crazy things. They really are always nice, never rude or insulting. but yeah they do snap sometimes when they get worry or pressured at work or family. They can be violent if they feel cornered or nagged too much. but after that they usually regret it and apologize and things return to normal. I like it that they don't frown when people wrong them so pretty much when they wrong people, they expect the same.

    You want to help him battle his demon. Fun and change will distract him from it. Be creative non stop, anything you can think of. or if he comes up with something spontaneous, say 'yes' to it. whether or not things go according to plan, is another matter. but that's the fun of it. when things go wrong, make a joke out of it, don't snap or blame him or he won't come up with spontaneous idea again and feel like caged.

  • I too have an Aries man. I know what you are dealing with, as mine is easily hurt and has a hard time getting over things. I try to keep him built up, even though he doesn't act like he believes me. He laughs when I tell him things like like he's so handsome, which he truly is. They have a hard time believing in themselves and he carries so much of a burden on his back. I joke around with my Aries man, which seems to lighten his mood. When I compliment him, he plays it off, but I know it makes him feel good whether he will admit it or not. I see the demons they carry and its hard knowing they struggle so much with them. Any man loves to feel that he is invinsible, and complimenting them does help them. I think with an Aries man though, you have to go above and beyond in that department. They have big hearts that get hurt easily, and they take it personally. We have a lot of fun, and he's smiles more all the time, which is a relief. He is getting better. He told me that himself. I'm not sure why the Aries is so hard on himself, but they are. What helped me was reading act like a lady, think like a man. These methods work best on an Aries man, because they seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Compliment, compliment, compliment. HOpe this helps

  • I also am a pisces married to an aries man. We have been married for 27 years and together for 29. It has been and is the most rewarding relationship I've ever known. Yes, there have been rough times; but all relationships experience that. We have always respected each others opinions; even if we didn't agree with each other. I have always felt entitled to be myself with this wonderful individual, and I hope that I have provided him with as much love and support as he has given me for all of these years. Good luck !!!

  • im a aries female. We are truly the infants of the zodiac. We like are parteners to build us up but we also think we are more than capable of doing things without anyones help. We get irritable if we feel like our partner is trying to take away our independence but at the same time we need to feel nurtured. Yes its totally annoying but when we feel we have someones loyalty we will give everything we have in return. We take love very seriously and hate to let you down. I get cranky when I feel like I can t give enough to the person I am with or when I feel like the person I am with is trying to change my mood. if your man is having a bad day just give him a little space and when he needs you trust me he will let you know. I am sure he loves you alot and we are all allowed to be in a bad mood sometimes right?

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