Is my fiancé the father?

  • Hello I am wondering if my fiancé is the father of a little girl that his ex wife had back in 2018. Around the the time he found out she was cheating on him with multiple men which made him think that the little girl was not his but he ended up signing her birth certificate when she was born as he was already caring for her other two children from previous relationships. Also he has told me that there may be a chance that he fathered a son with an ex girlfriend who he had a 7 year relationship and she claimed that it was his child as she had the baby after they had broken up but with both of these children there was never a DNA test done but with the little girl the ex wife is trying to obtain child support but he does not have the financial to obtain paternity test regarding the boy the ex girlfriend has never gone after for support as he feels she won’t because she may know it is not his child but was trying to say it was.
    My fiancés birthdate is: August 2nd 1992
    I do not know the birthdate of either the little girl or boy as the little girl may have been born in Sept 2018 and for the boy my fiancé said he must be 11 now
    Thank you

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