What does this Pisces Man want

  • I’ve been long distance friends with this guy. I’ve met him a few times but a year ago we connected. He told me straight me up he just wants friendship and not to have any romantic thoughts of him. I’m going to be in his City soon. He told me he will take time off work but I told him not to as I don’t expect anything from him. He then calls me but I missed it and never replied. He then messages me hours later to me know he called but I didn’t respond as I’m confused. I’m wondering if he likes me more than a friend?

  • You are pushing this guy away. You tell him you expect nothing from him and don't return his calls. Imagine how that makes him feel. He will back off now since he feels that is your message. He only wanted to be friends.

  • @TheCaptain I really like him but I’m unclear about how he feels. Part of so wishes he feels something more for me.

  • @ShrutiM you can either accept that he only wants friendship or you can move on to find someone who does want love.

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