Divorce court on horizon, need interpretation

  • I'm about to get divorced after being separated for 6.7yrs but married/together for 21yrs. Can anyone tell me how difficult this will be for my children and I? I can't take much more of his game playing,,:o( Everytime I try to get an atty or file for divorce he comes back, promises that everything will be different-to just give him another try,,then WHAM,,he renigs on his promises, blames me for it then harbors great lies that I have to deal with when they plop in my lap. Why are picses so cruel and heartless? Is it because of their upbringing as well?

    Thanks for any insight and/or readings,,,

    Me: Taurus w/Taurus ascendant, 5/19/1965@3:18am

    Him: Picses w/Taurus ascendant, 3/18/1966@approx. 6:30pm

  • I never have good experience with water signs male. but then again I am hot blooded Leo and just not able to deal with others shortcomings where as I read that patience can help to deal with Pisces a long way.

    I have to say that I'm surprised it didn't work between you two sicne you are earth and he is water. I understand though in my case it's quite something since I am fire. but I guess it's like they said: astrology makes up for 90%, the 10% is what we put into it. I don't know much about birth chart compatibility and unfortunately insight wise, since I don't have good experience with water signs (any of them: pisces, scorp, cancer) I will only add more to what you already know.

    I guess it's suffice to say I wish you a peaceful end to the relationship and hopefully you can apply the lesson in the future. But like everything in life, we are meant to learn from it. and because it is painful, you will be stronger as you get out of it. Fear and worry nothing, the future is your own making. Look back, only to learn from the experience, then close the door and move on. You have loved so much, and that is why you hurt so much. Love yourself now, as much as you have loved him. It will help your heart heal and keeps you going in tough times.

    Your children will be affected by the divorce, of course. but it's better than letting them live in such disharmony. what happens to you two for sure affects them in daily life. but if you stay positive and strong, you will be an example for them and they will not forget it.

    In the future, whether you want to go by sign or not, when choosing new mate. It's up to you. I always thought earth signs can match easily with any sign, but well the 10% who knows?

  • Divorce is not easy on you or your children or the rest of your family and friends, but you will all get through it. Your soon to be ex has been playing you because he has not figured out how to make it on his own yet. As soon as he finds someone else, you and your children will be out of the picture at his convenience. Divorce is a tough journey, but when your partner decides to no longer stand by your side because he is not happy, there is really no other option. It is a tough decision, but you and your children will be much better off without him constantly muddying your lives.

  • Just divorced this past March after 25 years of marriage. He was a Pisces...I'm a Taurus. We had separated in March of 2005 and I bought a house about 10 miles away. Our daughters were in high school at the time...he couldn't handle their rebelliousness so he suggested that we divorce but I wanted to wait. We got back together in August 2007. Then in April of 2008, I told him that I needed to retire from my career for medical reasons...then he said he wanted a divorce...that I had no passion. We both agreed that a divorce was best for us to grow separately. My advice to you is, for the sake of the children, keep the divorce cordial. It doesn't pay to be greedy and vindictive. The children know and it hurts them when they feel the tension and hate. My husband and I are still friendly and if I won the lottery today, I would share it with him. He was a good provider and we did have fun over the years. But the communication was not always the best.

  • I've been divorced since 01-30-07. I tried to be cordial and attempted to be fair. Since she came up pregnant( which is why we got married in the first place)(she's an aries) she pretty much was a stay at home mom. I got to go out and break my back for the family and work the overtime so our kids could have a better life than the one I had. She kept her foot on the spending pedal and basically told me" if you don't like it ..go work more". Not only did I realize I wasn't in a marriage of love, but what I could provide for her. She's been dating our next door neighbor(offically since we separated..but) and I've made all my obligations and above for "the kids" and it has blown up in my face. The big mistake was using one lawywer. The we chose said she could only legally represent her, but she would be fair. Not even close! I wanted out sooo bad I gave her my house that I bought before our marriage, all the furniture in it and a healthy cut of my pension. And guess what: It's not enough. I'm going back to court at the end of the month because she wants more child support( the court not only allows this action..I honestly believe they encourage it). This time I have my own atty and it still has cost me thousands just to prove I've been doing what I was suppose to be doing. I can only pray with the records I have that I won't get taken again by my greedy ex and her ambulance chasing atty. It's too bad I didn't meet some one like you "findingjoyinlife". I also just wanted to move on with peace and for her to go away with our neighbor and leave me alone. I don't know if this helped you as much as it did me. I can't stand my ex even though I do pray for her and my kids. I haven't spoke to my son in two months and my daughter decided she needed a break from me and after our day in court I won't speak to her again. In closing let me tell about the spoiled milk story as it applies to me. You go to the fridge and you know you are not suppose to drink out of the carton but you do and the milk has gone bad. Still you don't toss it out and put it back in the fridge( hard to let go ). Couple of days later you do it again! Guess what it's still spoiled. Since my ex is a hardheaded Aries with a princess rising and a head in Uranus. So good luck with your situation and pray for guidance. PS..my son is a pisces and he also is self centered and like his mother has a sense of entitlement , but has not done anything but live off my sweat equity. My Libra daughter I thought I could work with, but she went over to the dark side too. She also found entitlement was way easier than setting goals and working for them. Again sorry this was so long. BTW I'm a leo and our fire sign were suppose to be dynamic, but I'm the one that got burned in the end. Still I haven't given up on love because fate brought my high scool sweetie back to me after 30 years ( she's a Libra) and we get along great and would be even better if my ex aries redhead and her boyfriend would take off on their expensive fishing boat and leave us alone. Good luck but do get a lawyer and get it all down on paper!

  • steveo that's really bad experience. I have to say when it comes to Aries I get along well with the males, not much with the females. probably because I don't hold anything back, which can get me into trouble as well. I have an Aries relative and she sure is into comfortable and lavish stuffs, probably because she sees others close to her that have them. I have no doubt that this kind of people will go with whoever can shower them the things they want. I also know a couple more Aries females friends like this. But I didn't see this trait in the males, and I really like them all. sorry that this happened to you but life has to move on and you will move on. Take it as it is and don't look back unless you ara analyzing the past to learn the lessons from it. There are few Aries females that are not into the riches, they really are decent people I like them as part of my spiritual circle. I hope only the best for your future.

  • L.S.

    Sorry, I had to vent. Your right about not judging all Aries because off my past. What I don't understand is why she is focusing a lot of energy on me when she should be using that time to either enrich her own life or spend it on her fishing buddy. I mentioned that to him a couple of weeks back and his eyes got big, you know one of those wow moments. I laugh now because all the stuff and even the good times we had are behind me. I don't think she thought I would fall in love again and has kept us busy with this court stuff to enterupt our lives. This site has helped me and I know it will help " aworkingbullgirl " also. I do know I would have struggled with this awhole lot more if I had not turned it over to the Big Daddy. So goodnite all and may peace and prospertity bless you....Steveo

  • hi steveo, I'm not blaming you for judging aries. I'm just sharing my story. I understand you have been through very hard time and you are still healing from this experience. I am not blaming you at all. you are telling the truth of what happened to you and I am not trying to sugarcoat Aries as a zodiac. I'm just saying I like the males and that it's 50 / 50 with the females. There is nothing wrong with being truthful, if any Aries can't take that, well that's not our problem. I've seen leo being bashed here and there and yet I don't try to sugarcoat our zodiac. Good or bad, It's how we are, and how they are. Take it as it is, that's what we have to do when it comes to challenges. Anyway, I hope only the best for you in the future. Yes this site can be helpful.

  • just wanted to say that you are in my prayers. believe me when i say that everything works out for the best. when you know that everything happens for the best, then everything that happens is okay with you. the irony of this is that when everything happens is okay with you, you set up an energy field of such equanimity and harmony with the universe that the universal law of attraction draws more equanimity and harmony into your life.

    joy and sorrow are inseparable...together they come and when one sits alone with you...remember that the other is asleep upon your bed - kahlil gibran


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