does he have romantic interest in me?

  • i asked if someone had romantic interest in me, can someone help?
    5 of cups, 2 of wands, the empress
    so maybe he's disappointed in something maybe i didn't live up to his expectation, and with the 2 of wands I'm getting maybe like a lack of feelings like detached, but the empress in the end im a bit confused.
    what i found interesting is both 5oc and 2ow are facing left and the empress is just sitting there beautifully, could that mean something? btw im using rider-waite deck

  • @ruby2003
    5 of Cups
    can speak of too busy focusing on what you don't have instead of what you do have.. What can you do to achieve your goals ? What can you control on this path?
    2 of Wands
    Reminds us choices are yet to be made, the world is in your hands, anything is possible ..
    While the Empress can remind us to nurture ourselves.. maybe we are too busy taking care of other's needs? Creating abundance, bounty.. seeing the beauty within us. Motherhood, Mother Figure in our life can arrive to take care of us in this moment. Loving ourselves is an important as loving others..
    Does Someone have a Romantic Interest in you?
    The Cards could say They may have other things on their mind, as they look out into the world, knowing they may yet have choices to make , maybe they feel as though you would take care of them on some level also .. They may see you more as someone who would nurture them more like a Mother ..They may not see you in Romantic light ...

    These are some ramblings some thoughts to wade through ...
    Hope it helps ..

  • @hekatesxing very helpful thank you so much

  • @ruby2003
    So welcome ..

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