Three of Swords in reverse?

  • I am a newbie at tarot. I'm having some troubling thoughts about my bf not being over his ex. While shuffling my cards three of swords popped out in reverse. I could not interpret it - maybe because I couldn't be objective about a situation like this-. Any thoughts?

  • hi
    Three of Swords (RX) could speak about the loss and the heartbreak may not be as bad as you think, it may feel as though this is something you may move through with some support . Maybe there was a quarrel, a disagreement .. There may be a need for reconciliation on some level. It does speak about the heart being restored. That the heartbreak is not permanent...

    Hope that helps ..
    Laying out the Three of Swords .. and asking - What do I need to know about this card at this time? Then laying out three cards .. May give you some answers ..

    Take care

  • @hekatesxing that helps a lot, thank you for your answer.

  • @kisomi

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