Help -Does this mean pregnancy?

  • I asked about the state of someone's relationship recently (on behalf of a friend). I pulled 3 cards: 3 of Wands, The Hermit, and Judgement.

    I interpret this to mean that there's a change (Judgement) on the horizon that's being looked towards (3 of wands) and is being considered / contemplated (Hermit). Initially I thought this might mean facing up to/shining a light on the truths of the relationship and looking outwards/away from it, into solitude. But then I thought perhaps it is positive, and means taking the next step?

    Then I pulled an overall card to get a sense of things. I got the Empress.

    Do you think this means pregnancy? Or what else could it mean? What's a more likely reading?

    Hope someone can help. I want to be careful with what I say, but also truthful!

    Deck is RWS.

  • @LastLight
    Hi ..
    3 of Wands, The Hermit and Judgement ..
    These cards could mean a sense of reflective moments towards the goals of the relationship could include some knowledge gained, through isolation, meditation, reflection, contemplation to awaken the truth self within ...
    I feel there may be a need to communicate honestly about the relationship, about how they may feel within ...
    The Empress within this context could mean a birth of something .. a sense of nurturing the relationship, can also speak of Mothering .. are they ready for Motherhood or are they mothering their partner on some level.. Seeing the beauty of the relationship by sitting still .. These cards all have a stillness about them even the Hermit with his walking .. it is slow and meditative on some level.
    With the cards overall I do not see an instant pregnancy but maybe in time there may be a birth ... but may depend on being able to resurrect who they truly are as individuals but also as partners ... after much listening through silence (The Hermit) Three of Wands can speak of a pause after taking the first steps ...

    Hope these ramblings may help ... take care ..

  • Thank you very much - appreciate it! You are right, the cards are all very still.

  • @LastLight
    Welcome ..

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