Aries woman cancer woman

  • Hi, I am a lesbian and joined a dating site about a month ago and quite quickly got talking to a cancer woman (she approached me). We have a lot in common (children from previous relationships, very similar interests and views and opinions etc) and the chat happened easily. After about a week of talking she gave me her phone number and also said she’d temporarily suspended her dating account. She also talked about a couple of future trips she had planned in a couple of months time and asked me whether I fancied joining her on them.
    All things that seemed like she was really interested in me and felt like she thought it could go somewhere serious with me.
    The flirting intensified a few days ago, but then she suddenly seemed to cool off a bit. We are meeting for the first time this weekend, but I am worried she’s going off the boil and I can’t understand why.
    She still seems to want to meet etc.. but it’s almost like now that I’ve flirted a lot with her in return she knows I’m interested so she doesn’t have to “try” as much?
    I’m sure most people will say Aries/Cancer is a terrible match, but everything up until recently felt “right”. I’m not one to fall for someone easily and I’m very good at trusting my instincts, so it’s not like I’ve been naive. Also, we’re both not young (around40) so it’s not like either of us is a player.
    Is this just her being a cancerian and cooking off a bit as she’s also worried about getting hurt?

  • You cannot know a person online. You have to meet them face-to-face to get a better idea of their personality. Wait until you meet this woman in person before worrying.

  • It seems to me that you should not invent something that does not exist. If you have problems in a relationship, then you can refresh your feelings like a couple looking for a guy does. This advice applies to both married couples and those who have just been together for a long time. I tried it myself and I can say that this method helps to better understand your partner.

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