Personal Card Interpretation

  • Hi guys,

    I did a 3 card spread for myself asking the question ‘ What do I need to do in order to improve my quality of life?’

    1st Card - Reversed Eight of Wands
    2nd Card - Upright The Tower
    3rd Card - Upright The Emperor

    I have a feeling I understand what the cards are trying to tell me with letting go, allowing things to be and potentially setting my own boundaries. However I’d be keen to see what other people think.

    Side note it’s interesting I got two cards closely related to my start sign, Aries.

  • @Rachael_steve
    Hi ...
    Eight of Wands (RX) could speak about a block or a delay in moving forward quickly.. maybe things may even feel stagnant, or stuck at this time ...
    the Tower Can speak of breaking down barriers, crumbling walls , maybe reaching enlightenment, understanding, taking a leap of faith to stand on solid ground of reality....
    The Emperor can remind us to be in control of our journey, to be a leader, provider.. reminding us that sometimes when we make the rules it can be lonely at the top.. being a boss, a supervisor, manager etc ...Making those decisions when in charge of a situation can be something you must do alone.
    So together these cards could mean taking a moment to pause before looking at the crumbling walls around you so you can make the important decisions to be in control of your life right now ....
    I get a sense of slowing down, not always being in rush having a leap of faith as you provide a sense of leadership within your path.
    Some ramblings about what these cards could mean ... take care ..

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