Why does my gemini act so cold to me this week? text back some days and ignore?

  • Does he have any interest at all? i mean i read it all about geminis. but i want to hear some stories about other people who have experienced or is experiencing a chase or the start of a relationship or bond with a gemini man.

    He called me drunk at 3 am one last week, called him back the next day (i was asleep) i suggest to go to hollywood for some drinks and we'll figure the rest later. he said "ok, let me give you a call after a finish my errands" I UNDErstand if he needs his space, but he purposely avoided my call and refused to call me back. our mutual friend called him but the gemini called him back but not me. nor called me for the whole week or even texted me.

    Now, i texted him saturday to see how he was doing, he responded, we battled our wits like usual, then 10/19/2009 today, i texted him to see how he night was yesterday. he didnt respond all day.

    we used to work in the same building together, always nervous around me, always seems to be around me on the weird times. Now, i dont work there anymore (quit last week) he texted me on my last friday ":x" i said "waht does that mean?" " i wont get to see you at work anymore"

    anyways that might just be all the lies and coated words of a gemini

    ok imma going to stop blabbing

    main question:

    why does he treat me this way?

    how do gemini's typically chase a girl? trends? patterns? is this normal?

    or is he just not interested?

    of course i have more details but am quite lazy to state every single one.

  • i would assume he would make an effort to get to know me outside of work. he keeps saying 'i love how down and spontaneous you are " before ever knowing he was a gemini i had a talk with ihim on how i feel out of my element because of his lack of interest that contradicts all sorts of things. he said "im intimidated by you, your extremely beautiful with intelligence. i love your vocab, i can just tell that your very perceptive, even the way you break down my text messages..." he even told the parking guy "shes very smart dude". I would assume thats not intimidating...especially if geminis love that kind of women. We have great texting and conversations, he can never out wit me so he tries to lead me to believe. I am an aquarius btw. IM VERRY VERRY perceptive and tactful. However, with this gemini (my first ever) i want to actually make new breakthroughs of traditional concepts and make new ones through him. I want to discover newer ideals. but its stressful because im not getting what i want and when and how i want it.

    someone give me some insight to a gemini besides what i have read. Give me examples of your stories with a gemini in love..not in love. calling issues etc etc

  • yup exactly true..when we were working together he would show up at the most unusual times when I least expecting him...we would talk for hours..we never really text I dk why..just that we never did...but he would call..he even called on his bday..so I wished him a happy b-day..not to get into trouble etc..but that was it..that was the friendship level..but the last couple of months he ask me things like would you do this? why don't you go out with this person? etc all of this time I think he was getting info out of me for his personal info...he knew things about me that I vaguely paid attention to..but in all of those times of closeness we never touched or anything like that..until beginning of summer he would make comments like did you go see him? you act like he's there with you? etc...whatever..or he would say do this for me because I don't have a big vocabulary or you probably make more money than me etc...or you have this and I don't etc..etc...he would always call out of nowhere..not he just completely disappeared soo I don't know...maybe it was just a game for him..who knows???? I just loved to tease him though..endless teasing..he used to..the last time I saw him though he was all quiet..trying to be whatever..so I was like ok now you got me to resond to you and now your brushing me off?? wth..too much..yeh he did call me late at nite too?? he does party but he says he hasn't for the last couple of weeks..I dk..he just doesn't fit into my world I guess because our lifestyles are soo different..maybe that was the chase and now its over..there probably isn't too much compatability btw a gem n a virgo anyways.

  • How funny for me to stumble on to this. I am a female Gemini but do the same freakin thing to guys. Let me reassure you, you're the normal one and you're not doing anything wrong. We come to stand-bys like you when we are tortured. Always looking for someone who is going to explain to us what we feel, what we need, how we can be comforted and no long have to be always searching for that one thing that is just out of our reach. I swear, it sucks for us. But I'm sure it sucks for you too. Then, out of the blue, we're over it and onto something else. It's seriously nothing personal. We're just kinda assholes that way. To be honest, you are obviously not what he is looking for, just one of many sanctuaries.

    May I ask your sign?

  • mine is virgo thats what i said I kept him at arms length...then all of sudden we were daring each other and he was like would you? I said yeh...so he came over..it was kinda stupid..things I wouldnt normally do..but it was jus that for him prob...his evil twin came out..actually never saw that side of him..kept it well hidden til we got closer n closer..now he's all quiet..etc..being mysterious..I liked the other side of him better..the wild adventerous sp side of him..then I do the serious one..yup prob...he started a different job too..so it was prob how he wanted to end it..you know..

  • Don't lose any sleep over it. Gemini's seem all wonderful for about the first 5 minutes. You should find yourself a nice water sign 🙂 Your Gemini was only an illusion.

  • really??? that cold...wow..I wished I knew that before..I would have never got involved..my life would be alot simpler..lol..wow is all I can say...

  • No, not cold but sometimes we can't get out of our own head. Everything is better in our imagination. He will play with you just enough to add substance to his fantasy. The worst thing you could do to him would be to ignore him when he tried to reach you. It would probably drive him a little crazy. Let him call 3 or 4 times before you ever answer the phone.

  • hmm well I do that already..I am not available and he tries to find me..for 2 days he called like 30x but Ididn't call him back..he knew I would be unavailable and in a place where he couldn't reach me..by the time I called him back he was kinda mad but not as dramatic..he told me not to call his cell so I am not..going to..lol..oh well..he did seem kinda cool towards me that last time...fantasies huh??? hmmmmmmmmm...crazee he was the one who always pursued this relationship I didn't...guess its for the best..you live and you learn..

  • I really do hope I was helpful to you 🙂 Maybe now is just not the right time with him. Maybe he will come around. You take care.

  • yeh u were helpful..I just have to keep working on myself..I just can't believe that someone who pursued you for over a year 1/2 is just going to disappear and never ever feel like that again..but who knows maybe this will be the first..oh well...I thought I could just leave n let him go but its not easy but its not impossible either...

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