Pisces woman, cancer man

  • Hello-

    Im a pisces woman. I had met this Cancer man at work 2 years ago. Was in a turbulent relationship with a aries man at the time. I know my boundaries. I never cheat.

    This cancer man. I dont know I felt an instant attraction to him. It was magnetic. We never flirted, we talked, but the way he looked at me and Im not talking physically. Also whatever type of mood he was in, i could feel it. I could even feel if he was in the room, when I wasnt looking that way.I cant explain it. Am I weird?

    I had gotten laid off. Its been 2 years, and I have thought about him often.

    I saw him the other day at the store he was in his car i was walking to mine, he was talking to someone and he saw me. His eyes did that. It was like he was happy to see me, but too shy to say something. He kept looking at me expecitng me to say something to him. I didnt. Its been bothering me ever sense. I want to call him, because im usually intuitive. If i feel something eating at me, and its not in a bad way.

    He's 11 years older than me too.

  • Call him. wont hurt. Unless you are still married. But obviously you feel drawn to him. Give it a chance. What do you have to lose?

  • cancers r easy to approach. call him. we find pisces eyes to be very attractive. the way you ppl stare at us.. we love it

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