Aquarius woman Gemini Man

  • Wtf!! Is going on with this Gemini man. Dating for a year. When we first started dating I explained my situation. I'm a cancer survivor and almost 50. I'm not dating to be dating and the man I'm with needs to understand my past with my health.

    He was all good with it. Moved in 2 mths ago and boy did things change. This man is not in anywaY shape or form affectionate. Comes home from work and if he's not talking about him he doesn't talk.

    I'm done with saying hello, how was your day or if he's alright. I don't get the same in return.

    Went to get my yearly to see if I'm still in remission on 1/27. This man had yet to ask how it went and if I'm ok.

    That shit hurt!! I know I'm not that affectionate either but damn!! I feel like we are two strangers in the house.

    In the beginning he was great. Now I just don't know.. but I do know I'm too old for thus damn silence for no reason what so ever..

    He'll I think we all learned to speak when you enter a home especially if ain't yours

  • I apologize if my words seem a little tactless to you.. but.. There are things that a partner either accepts or not. I wouldn't waste time waiting for him to change his attitude. I can tell you that the easiest way to find out such things is in a private chat on ONF. Dating sites allow you to get a deeper understanding of a person before they actually meet you. This is what gives you the chance to avoid bad choices. It's not about your zodiac sign.

  • Telseng, this man is never going to be the right person for you. Cut your losses and end it before you get any further hurt or your health suffers. Being on your own is far preferable to being with someone who just doesn't give a damn about you. Geminis are renowned for their two faces - you saw his 'good' side when he was courting you. Now he has the comfortable life he wants and doesn't feel the need to keep up the pretence. There is someone much better for you out there but as long as you are lumbered with this deceiver, you won't have space in your life for him.

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