Pregnancy for me and my fiancé 2022

  • Hello all i haven’t been on here in ages and I am wondering if I could have a pregnancy reading for me and my fiancé. Little background my LMP was on 12th December 2021 and still no sign of period as I have now done two pregnancy test cheap ones from Walmart that resulted in negative and I know that I should of taken them first thing in the morning with my first pee as that was the best time but did not and my fiancé swears I am pregnant but with countless periods and negative im just so use to it that I’m just thinking it’s going to be another period. 2 weeks after my period on 30th December 2021 and trigger warning a bit gross but I had a big enough clot come out that I have never experienced in my life and we thought that this may have been a miscarriage a chemical pregnancy but I thought it couldn’t be because my LMP was two weeks ago and I notified my doctor who said it was breakthrough bleeding and mind you I am not on any form of birth control.
    So I am wondering if I am currently pregnant or if not will me and my fiancé conceive our first child together this year?
    Thank you❤
    My birthdate: Oct 10th 92
    His birthdate:Aug 2nd 92

  • I feel you can get pregnant but something in your body is preventing pregnancy progressing.

  • @TheCaptain thank you I have honestly never gotten checked out to see about having kids as I never took too much thought and never gotten the opportunity as I was always said God has said it’s not my time on it and will bless me when I’m ready but now as I’m approaching 30 and I have found the man I want to be with and we want our own little family. I wonder if it is because of my weight maybe I need to lose a bit or could have blocked tubes not 100% I honestly do wonder if what happened to me a few weeks ago was a miscarriage

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