Twins maybe?

  • Okay bare with me this is a long one😂

    I recently found out I’m expecting. I had a fertility reading done back in July/August of last year. She actually predicted my last baby to a T. Everything she predicted was accurate. So for the new reading she said August, May, and December were significant. I conceived in December and I’m due in September so August could be birth if I have this one early like my last one I’m guessing around May we could find out the gender. She predicted the baby coming was a girl and said she was very drawn to say girls.. as in twins, she said they would be identical because she saw 2 of the same baby, like the energy of 2 around a baby. She also gave me names and she said she was getting double names so it could indicate twins. So now that I am pregnant I got a reading from a girl on Etsy and she said when she meditated she was seeing 1 big energy in each vision. So I immediately I thought about the reading I had done before I got pregnant and told her and she said that it sounds very likely that it’s twins since she was feeling the same thing and that she may have just interpreted it wrong with the 1 big energy being 2 identical babies. So for farts and giggles I did another from Etsy and she pulled the sun and 3 of pentacles and she said since the 3 of pentacles normal suggests another person being involved + the sun that it looks like there is more than 1 baby.

    NOW 😂 I have dreams of the future and when I was pregnant with my son I had a vision of an ultrasound and the tech said “and there’s the other baby” showing a second baby. And I swore I was having twins with him because I just had this feeling. So I was talking with my fiancé and I was like you know what? I wonder if the vision was of this pregnancy because I don’t have a feeling this pregnancy is twins. He also lost a set of twins before we got together and a psychic told him they would come back as twins. I had a reading done asking if I would have anymore daughters (before knowing he was told his twins would come back) and she told me I would have a set of twin girls 1 masculine and 1 feminine. I’m no professional reader but I did try to predict the gender of my baby a few days after finding out I was pregnant and pulled king of pentacles, justice, and queen of wands. Thought nothing of it until later when It was brought to my attention that the girl in the justice card looks like me and it looked like she was balancing a boy and a girl.

    Today I explicitly asked how many babies am I pregnant with and 2 of wands came out. So I then asked am I pregnant with twins temperance and hierophant came out together so I asked if I am pregnant with identical twins and 2 of cups came out.

    I won’t find out until the 25 when I have an ultrasound but I just want to know if anyone else had a similar story and everything was right.

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