Automatic Writing and Ouija Boards

  • I'm very new into the world of psychics and anything supernatural. I was raised in a very strict Christian home where I was raised to believe that pretty much anything to do with the supernatural was "of the devil". The problem with this was since I was 4 years old I've been able to sense spirits just about everywhere, and it seemed sometimes they were trying to tell me something. I never tried to communicate with them because frankly it scared me.

    I recently discovered that my grandmothers family is full of clairvoyants. Finding this out all of a sudden made things kind of make sense. I still somewhat thought it was evil, but after some research and knowing that my grandmother wasn't demon possessed or evil made me understand that sometimes things like this are just born into people.

    Having told my story on how I got to where I am now, I began to study the different forms of divination. The one that intrigued me the most was the automatic writing. After studying I learned that most people are somewhat unsuccessful in their attempts of making anything out of their first tries. That was fine with me because I was willing to learn and be patient.

    Recently my husband, my sister, and myself decided we were going to try and contact spirits with a ouija board. We are talking to who was supposed to be my husbands deceased grandfather when he spells out "C-H P-E-N" My husband handed me a pen and paper and instantly my hand felt really -weird. I could feel my hand, but it felt like I had no control over my muscles. My hand began moving in circles, and when they put the paper in front of me I started writing. The thing that I find odd is that every piece of paper had legible writing on it! Of coarse all of the words were kind of together, but you could see what was being said! The next day my sister was wanting to try and contact another spirit. The same thing happened. We contacted something/someone that when we asked their name spelled "P-Y-R-O" (I know that sounds crazy). They were trying to tell us something that we couldn't make much sense out of. I told them I didn't understand and it spelled out "P-E-N" My sister handed me a pen and paper and it started all over again! It said it's name was "Pyronese". The rest of what it was saying is really weird, and I honestly don't think anyone would believe me if I told them.

    So what exactly does all this mean? Like I said I've only been studying this for a short time, and could really use some guidance.

  • Frankly from what I have heard I wouldn't mess with the ouija board. Its been said you can open a portal and let in negative energy. The writing sounds safe enough from what others on this forum have said but I wouldn't mess with the other. I have also heard you can't get rid of a ouija cause it will come back that it has to be given away. I think its dangerous to play with. But use at your own risk I guess. Protect yourselves if your going to continue. Love and light.

  • I agree with LibrasLair. My perception and what I have been told is to stay away from Ouija boards, too much risk in letting through negative entities. Automatic writing is the safer option but always protect yourself first before starting.

  • Yes this shook me up when I read it and that doesn't happen to me. My head started to hurt just thinking about them using that board.

  • I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.......not good. I am afraid of the Ouija board, way too dangerous and negative for me. Some things we are meant to be scared of to keep us safe!

  • There is a reason for everything so we are very much in agreement. That's a good thing now if they will listen.

  • CJ1983,

    If you wish to contact spirits, please go through a medium who can do this without the Ouija board and knows how to protect themselves whilst contacting someone from the other side. There are too many lost souls who can attach themselves to you.

  • You should be very careful. The name "PYRO" is a historic demon name.

    Pyro : Prince of falsehoods and lies.

  • Yes, I was thinking that something wasn't right about the Ouija board too, but didn't know if it was just because of the way I was raised that was making me so uncomfortable.

    Also I was wondering if the name "Zazey" meant anything to anyone? Also "NMOON"

    This whole thing is a very long story and if you want an in depth version of the story I have also posted it in my blog on my myspace page @

    It's not normally like me at all to talk about things like this with other people, but it has me so shook up that there is some type of spirit that says I'm it's soulmate . . . and honestly the story on my blog isn't in total detail, but does tell a lot. If anyone has any insight in this I would love it if you would share it with me.

  • Ok for some reason the link I posted doesn't work so I'm going to copy and paste what I have on my blog.

    Automatic Writing and Ouija

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    First off I just want anyone who reads this know that I am absolutely and 100% telling the whole truth. If you don't believe me, well then, that's your problem.

    Last night me and two other people, who'll I'll call person A and person B, were trying to contact a spirit that we believe resides in person A's house. It started out where we'd contacted a 9 year old boy named Eugene. We tried to get him to talk to us, but all we could get out of him was person A's son's name. We think because Eugene and person A's son are so close in age that he may be drawn to him.

    We stopped to rest for a while. I'm still very new to psychism and I wear down quite fast. As soon as we walked back into the room I could instantly tell there was a different atmosphere there, and it was a very thick and uncomfortable feeling. We all three sit down and I ask if Eugene was there. It spells out "N-O". I asked who was there and it started to spell out "S-A-T-A" when it got to that point I figured it was something trying to scare us. Person A ran out of the room totally freaking out, and person B told me to go and check on her. I did, and got person A to calm down and come back into the room. The rest of the time she just became an observer. When I came into the room Person B was saying that he wanted to know their real name, and that they weren't scaring him, to tell him their real name. I sit down to join him, and it spells out "A-N-D-I-E". That's when I realized that Andie was person B's Grandfather.

    To make that part of a long story short Person B didn't get to spend much time with his grandfather while he was alive. When his grandfather died he basically said he was willing to do or go through anything to feel his grandfather again. I know how crazy that sounds, but I've been to person B's house and have encountered his grandfather myself. Once again I know to some people this sounds totally crazy, and I'm sorry.

    Going back to contacting Andie on the Ouija board. Person B says "How do I know that this is my grandfather" the board simply spells out "W-I-T-H-U-A-L-W-A-Y-S". Now I'm going to make another long story short by saying that Andie needed to talk a little more, and anyone who's used a Ouija board understand that sometimes it's hard to communicate. So Andie spells out "P-E-N". Don't ask me how but I somehow knew that it was intended for me, and so did person B because he pulled a pen out of his pocket and handed me a piece of paper.

    Now I have never in my life attempted in anyway to try Automatic Writing. It's something I've always found really neat, but never thought I would be able to do it.

    So Person B puts the pen in my hand, and the paper on the ground. I really can't describe the feeling that I had in my hand, but it was close to a numb shocking feeling from a little below my elbow to my finger tips. Also, I remember my entire hand felt frozen! I don't know if it was the shock of what was going on or if that's just part of it, but I do remember wishing that I'd had some gloves, lol. Well, my hand starts moving in circles and within literally seconds it just stops. I looked at the paper and it said Person B's last name. My hand starts moving again so they gave me a clean sheet of paper. This time it wrote out I love you . . . but on several sheets of paper. I have saved every one of them so if you don't believe me I'll show you! Anyway person B's grandfather is guiding my hand, and Person B asks if his grandfather has a message and my hand instantly starts moving again and writes out "I need to go home"!!! I swear my life on this! I still am having a hard time believing that this happened myself, but like I said I kept the papers, I guess to prove to myself that it really did happen.

    The next morning I was going through all the papers and trying to put them in order to put in my folder. I for the life of me couldn't find the one that said person B's name! All I could find was "I love you" and one "I need to go home". I had all the papers setting down on the floor and person A walks in the room, and I was telling her the problem I was having when she pointed to a sheet of paper and said "this is the one with his name on it". I'm looking at the exact same sheet of paper and all I see is "I LOVE YOU" but when you flip it upside down I swear on my life it spells out person B's last name!! Isn't that freakin weird?!?!?!

    It gets even weirder than that because Person A wants to try and contact something on the Ouija board again. Person B was still sleeping so it was just me and person A. We asked if anyone wanted to contact us and it says "D-O-U-L-U-V-M-E". I simply asked does who love you. It says "Y-O-U". I'm totally confused by now and ask who it was and why I should love them. It says "S-O-U-L-M-A-T-E". I know that this is getting more and more unbelievable but I'm not adding anything to this, if anything I'm not telling all because it would way to long of a story. Anyway I said "and you are?" Then they (the board) spells out "P-E-N". Once again I kept all of these papers too. By this time I was literally shaking, violently. I will say it truthfully, I was freaked out! When I said so my scribblings on the paper spelled out "nevermind". I kinda felt bad that because I couldn't control my emotions that this spirit, or whatever it was, wasn't going to be able to communicate with us. So I said "no, I'll be ok. Just tell us what you are" It spells out "No". By this time I'm just trying to put myself in a meditative state so that my mind won't screw anything up. Person A says "why won't you tell us. It said "I'm a monster". When my hand stopped I looked down, and when I saw what it said I actually felt pitty. So I said "why would you say you're a monster". It said "To you I would be". To make another long story short it basically said it was my soulmate and it loved me! Honestly I don't understand myself how that's possible, and I'm totally dumbfounded by the concept. I asked what it's name was and it says "Pyronese". For some reason this name sounds so familiar to me, but I can't figure out why.

    Me and person A get back on the Ouija board and pyronese spells out "M-E-E-T-M-E-N-M-O-O-N". It took us for ever to finally figure out that it was saying "meet me on the new moon". Somehow without even having to ask I new where I was supposed to meet him and the time as well! I asked how he was going to meet me and it spells out "Z-E-U-S". I asked what that meant and it said "B-R-I-N-G-M-E-2-U". Anyway. So I'm supposed to go and meet this thing/spirit/whatever it is at 3am on the next new moon, wearing yellow, and I'm only supposed to bring person A and my mind. When I asked why I was supposed to bring person A it said because person A loved me.

    Well, I'm obviously not going to go out @ 3 am to meet my spirit soulmate, lol but I just thought that was supper weird, and I really don't understand what it all means.

    I guess it's just one of those things that I really wanted to share with someone, and so here I am doing that. If you don't believe, and want to see the papers from the Automatic writing just ask, I have no reason not to show you. And if you have any insight I'd love to hear it!!

  • Another thing that I didn't put in either story, and it's because I've never seen myself as anything special or even pretty for that fact, is when we were talking to my husbands grandfather he kept saying that "Zazey" had him and wouldn't let him go, and that Zazey lived in my husband. I'm not going to explain why but I kinda believe that could be somewhat possible, and so I asked what Zazey wanted and it said "you". Now about a week ago, and this is another really long story that I don't know if I should even get into, my husband had a dream that me and him should go out on a full moon and, well, have sex and share blood. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but I think if I'm going to get any help I should get the whole story out. My husband said that in his dream when we did this "under a full moon" that we would be literally as one, in the sense that we should be almost be able to read each others minds. I didn't know what to think about it, but I told him that no one was cutting me, lol, and of coarse my husband said he thought it was weird himself and didn't know where it came from.

    Having said that, I thought it was weird that my husband had that dream about taking me to this certain piece of land and make ourselves "one" on a full moon, and not a week later I find out that according to the Ouija board he has something-I would consider bad if it's able to hold a human spirit-that wants me, and then my sister and myself get ahold of this "Pyro" or "Pyronese" and he wants me to go to the exact place my husband and myself were in in his dream, but he wants me there on the new moon.

    I'm not sure what the moon phases have to do with it, but I do have a feeling that they are important. Either way I'm not doing either! I don't care if they both think they're in love with me or I'm their soulmate!! This is really crazy to me, but I know that it's real. I just am really confused right now I guess.

  • I had no idea! I looked up the word "Pyro" and "Pyrense" on the computer and couldn't find a whole lot of anything. Another name that came up another time, and for a more in depth story of how it came up you should read my comments because I explained, anyway, the name "Zazey" came up. I really appreciate you telling me that. Thank you.

  • You know for your sake I hope this is a Halloween stunt. If its not you better get some help. Try a priest.

  • No, this is not a stunt in any way shape or form. And believe me if I thought a priest would do any good I would go to one. The fact is my husband would absolutely refuse to see one.

  • This is an evil spirit trying to play mind games with you. You need to stop this because your curiousity has taken over and you are getting sucked into this spirits tricks. You need to remedy the situation immediatly before this spirit starts wreakig havoc on your life and your loved ones. You need get some things to protect yourself like crystals and insence and so on. Go to a new age store and tell them you need to rid negative energy. You are opening a door into your life without realizing it. this spirit is trying to get you to keep opening that door by telling you lies about being your soulmate and so on. You must stop doing this no good is going to come from this. You have a gift that is being abused by negative spirits. Find positive ways to use your psychic gifts and by all means put that board in a box and lock it up for good. Please I beg you to stop playing with this board you are entertaining nasty spirits and they are laughing at your ignorance and playing tricks on you to get you to continue so they can do evil things to you and those that you love. Start doind things to cleanse your home and protect yourself and find other ways of finding your spirituality. When you practice positive things they take time and effort. The negative ones come easily and appear fun. Thats why so many people get caught up in the wrong things because its easier than the right things. Growing spiritualy and using your god given gifts take a lot of patience but is worth all the effort.

  • We are in the process right now of finding a good place to put the board so it will never be touched again. It really saddens me that the ouija board I bought says for ages 8+. =(

    I have been burning sandalwood incense and have onyx crystals laying all over my house. Is there anything that would work better?

  • The suggestion of a priest was to have him come in a cleanse your home. I would get that board completely out of the house. Take it some place and try an bury it and place salt on top of it. I don't know if that will work but it sure can't hurt. Cleanse the house with sage and yourselves first then the house. Leave a window open just a little and start you cleansing process. Hope some of this will help.

  • you are feeling sad because this board has attached itself to you. you are going to be tempted to use it again, no doubt. Cleansing is a good start but you should also try fasting from red meat, alchohol, even se x. for at least a week. I am glad you made the choice to be done with it. You really do have gifts and you should use them for good. once you start practising things in a positive way you wont miss that anymore. You will start feeling more fulfilled in other ways. Oh my please be carefull with what you do negative spirits are not something to take lightly. I agree with burying it and covering it in salt. Involving someone from a church isnt a bad idea either.

  • Yes, I agree that getting rid of the board is a must! I am searching different ways to cleanse the house, and hopefully soon this whole nightmare will be over with. I still just can't get over how fiction bookish this sounds. I've decided that my tarot cards and meditation is plenty for me at the moment. I would one day like to try the Automatic writing again, but I'm not sure when. Both entities were able to communicate through my automatic writing as well as the board. I'm not near as freaked out by the automatic writing as I am the board though, so maybe one day. I just am still totally weirded out by the whole experience. I've only played with a ouija board one other time in my life, and it was nothing like this. I will agree with everyone in the fact that it isn't safe!

  • What ever you do don't burn that board, I would put it in the ocean and weigh it down with something. The supernatural can be very dangerous, sometimes you will open doorways you can't close. You should always pray for protection before doing anything, surrround your self with a white light. Good Luck! P.S. some spirits are really demons pretending to be spirits.

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