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    Hello captain , how can we know our life purpose ? I don't know what mine is , can u help me please

    Priyanshu,(1 march 2002)
    Thankyou 🌞

  • Priyanshu, you came here to open yourself to ordinary experience and the lessons it has to offer. Your destiny is to find yourself in the small things of life. Ambitious and larger-than-life, you can become so preoccupied with your goals and mythic ways of living that you never become deeply acquainted with yourself. Scaling back, opening up, and experiencing life on a more basic level will teach you everything you need to know. It may not be so easy for you to live the simple life since everything you touch tends to take on a fantastic aspect. Keeping romanticism at a minimum, tempering a certain snobbishness, and getting your hands dirty as you join ordinary mortals in the business of living are your goals on this life path. As you experience life on its own terms, you will begin to know who and what you are, and your experience of living will deepen in a wholly wonderful way. You were born with a big personality. Everything about you is huge: your ideas, your feelings, the way you live, and even your ambitions. Rarely do you do anything on less than a grand scale. When upset, it’s an event of volcanic proportions. When depressed, you exist in the blackest of states. When you love, it's the most tumultuous affair. If you want something, nothing stops you from getting it. You can find your dreams in the biggest home and the fanciest car or by producing the most prolific creative output. The trouble is that none of this bounty will make you especially happy. Eventually, you will start to feel that something is missing - that is in fact, you. As imposing as you may appear to those around you, often you are clueless as to who you are or what makes you tick. You can be so focused on the more titanic aspects of life that you forget to pay attention to the details, and one of those details is yourself.

    You must redefine your essential self. Accomplishing this involves embracing as many different experiences as life can offer. For it is in getting to know yourself through these experiences that you will come to better understand your own most basic nature. Your journey is one of exploration. Testing, probing, trying, and failing will all provide invaluable opportunities for your growth. Moreover, it is not necessary for you to travel to faraway places or spend years at university taking courses in order to experience your own self. Rather, it is in the most ordinary of circumstances and events that you will find the most illumination. Your main life lesson is to be as open and available as possible to whatever experiences life hands you. There is something of the snob about you, though it is rarely based in anything as conventional as prejudice or status. You simply believe yourself to be inherently superior to others and therefore above it all. You don’t like to get your hands dirty, so to speak. But you must if you are to grow. You need to experience what life is like for the ordinary person and to realize that you aren’t so different from anyone else. By acknowledging such equality, you will gain in your humanity and correspondingly in your humility. The most mundane circumstances can be lessons for you, whether pumping your own gas or riding a bus. In order to permit such scenarios to occur, you must release some of your preconceived notions and relax. Tending to be a rather driven and controlling type, you don’t often adjust your agenda to make room for the unexpected. You must learn to go with the flow and see what life brings, regardless of how much or how little preparation and planning you have put in. Feeling less tense when something 'upsets your applecart' could be a good start. Developing some natural curiosity about how things work in the workaday world would also be helpful to you. But you may battle to meet your own strict demands. Your big personality tends to have a big ego to match and your struggles to rein in your intensely egotistic attitudes can be monumental, with the possibility of failure lurking around every corner. To be most successful, you will gradually divest yourself of your ego’s false and inflated sense of self and, in the process, build a secure and self-sufficient character little by little, without dramatic statements or precipitous actions. Such a process will be slow and organic, one that grows from being fully present in day-to-day life without huge agendas, living in a distant future dreamworld where you have everything you want, or the insertion of the mythic into every little detail of your life. A pitfall here is that there is something of the drama queen or diva about you. When things don’t go your way, you tend to withdraw and sulk. And what a royal sulk it is - you can stay hidden for weeks completely bogged down in your rage or self-pity or both. The only cure for your moods will be to engage in everyday life again. Another problem is that you tend to be very drawn to magical or ecstatic experiences. As you search for a better sense of self, you must take care not to become involved in cults or other dangerous and escapist activities, such as any variety of addictions - alcohol, drugs, sex, and relationship dependencies all pose threats to you. Keeping your metaphysical yearnings to the more traditional or mundane would be wise. Moreover, though you must give up a measure of control, it does not mean surrendering to addiction. Rather, it is about surrendering to events beyond your control. Having accepted life’s events, you may begin to investigate who is in control (a Higher Power) if not you.

    Given that you are called to live in a manner that is more elemental or basic, you may find yourself romanticizing simpler times; for example, becoming enamoured with certain periods in history or even fixated on your own youth. As a born romantic, you must learn not to forget the present and everyday activities. It is extremely easy for you to become lost in your romantic illusions and fantasies. Sticking to the practical details of life and its responsibilities is important. Though this may seem a contradiction to the idea of being open to experience, the truth is that it is possible to fulfill obligations even while being flexible. A large part of your life struggle will be conducted inwardly. You will search within for life’s answers and for a sense of self. While life experience will provide the stage and opportunities for growth, understanding will come from time spent alone. You must negotiate with your ego’s grandiosity and scale back your expectations to reasonable levels. This involves the deepening of feeling and thought, rather than an expansion in the magnitude of energies and goals. Quietude is vital to such a process, since by quieting your mind and abandoning a path of trying to impress others, you may at last have the chance to come to peace with yourself and to tap into some of the most profound wellsprings of existence. Forming close friendships and love relationships can be crucial for you to experience the lessons of intimacy. Raising children can prove to be the most illuminating experience of all as it will serve to remind you of what really matters. Opening up a whole new world of deeper feelings can be one of the richest and fullest experiences for you that life has to offer. What is best for you is to accept the challenge of small, everyday projects, rather than pursuing the daunting difficulty of grandiose dreams and visions. Learning to live each day to the fullest, taking things as they come, moving forward step by gradual step - all of these things will prove more than equal to any ego-driven, titanic projects in both interest and reward. Adopting a 'Zen' view that no event is any more significant than any other in itself will perhaps be helpful in deflating your grandiosity and megalomania and bring things into proper perspective. Learning the small lessons in life - kindness, caring, service, reverence, helpfulness - will be all-important for your development. Thus, to sum up, your core life lessons are to be open to a variety of experiences, no matter how small and to release any identification with your image and any egotistical, insecure or unaware attitudes. Your greatest challenge is learning to cope with feelings of worry and anxiety - try to imagine yourself being calm and bring that image to mind every time you feel anxious or fearful. Stop thinking “what if”. Worry is the enemy of good luck because it causes inaction and feelings of helplessness. Stop wasting valuable energy on disaster scenarios that will never transpire; use that energy positively and proactively to create luck instead. Your ultimate life goal must be to redefine who you are, and to use your innate gifts of charisma, artistic creativity and imagination, sensitivity, psychic ability, compassion, generosity, ambition and strong willpower to achieve success and happiness.

  • @TheCaptain thankyou so much captain for giving me reading,it really really help me 🙂 to understand .
    Yes captain I used to be trying to control every aspect without letting it go to universe , it's like I don't like unexpected , I'm trying to let go , and I do think what if , what will happen next , But I will let it go
    And try to be more present in my day to day life rather then thinking about past, future and day dreaming .
    Thankyou captain 🙂

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