Past lives and Tarot

  • How would you guys interpret the Page of Pentacles as Why you are connected to someone, in a past life spread? I'm having trouble reading it in that context...

  • @JupiterRaven
    Connection because the Page of Pentacles can speak of a mindful engagement, everything they do is full of awareness, holds things as sacred ... Could feel like a rock even though the experience is new and inexperienced. This page can also speak of reliability, they continue to show up, willing to do anything and finish what they start.. Someone who is practical in their approach to things. Could be a student or a scholar. They can also be proud of their achievements . Taking their own skills and moving ahead ...
    some ramblings . It may depend on the other cards in the spread.. the deck used .. without seeing the spread complete it can be difficult to get the fuller picture of what the cards are saying ...
    Hope this helps .. take care ..

  • its a bout belief in reincarnation if you have or you feel like it so yes. the ancestral spirits can also impact lives. do ask more if you like it.