How do you incorporate Tarot into your day?

  • What do your days consist of generally?
    When do you do a Tarot reading for self?
    Do you study tarot? Enhancing your knowledge of Tarot?
    What decks do you work with for self?
    What decks do you use for others? (if you read for others?)
    How do you store your decks?
    Do you read any tarot books at the moment?
    Do you have any Tarot books on your shelves?

    Generally my days start with a shower, a Nutrient Rescue Double Shot Smoothie and some other drink and a coffee with a bit of a read- At the moment reading Absolute Power..
    Then I will do a Yoga/ Qigong session finishing with a meditation with crystals and maybe some Reiki (or some other Healing modality -for self healing )
    Then some self reflection with a couple of decks I am using for self study, deep diving into..
    This month - Shadows of Light Oracle and Ultimate Divine Feminine & Masculine Deck ... (for Blog )
    I love studying Tarot further at the moment Mindful Tarot by Lisa Freinkel Tishman, PhD (from Youtube Mindful Tarot ) Using Universal tarot (mini )

    Posts for Instagram and Twitter using a variety of Tarot and Oracle decks - scheduling for a few days in advance .. Decks been using - Herbcrafter's Tarot, Elemental Power Tarot, Oceanic tarot, Chakra Wisdom tarot, Supernatural tarot, Waterfall Tarot ... Elemental Wisdom Tarot plus others ..

    and Maybe some YouTube Videos on a variety of subjects related to tarot and maybe other topics that I want to share. scheduling a few weeks in advance so days are covered incase of other things that may come up for personal time ...

    If not doing Tarot for self, posts and Youtube There may be Clients .. Where a variety of decks may be used depending on the chosen spread by the Client and from which website.
    E.g. Native American Tarot with assorted Oracles
    Moon Baby Tarot, Rider Tarot Deck, Romantic tarot, Uncover your past lives oracle, Tarot Decoratif, Angel tarot (Radleigh Valentine) , Oceanic Tarot with Oracle of Mermaids..
    Some Clients may choose another deck for some reason...

    I store the Boxed sets of decks on Shelves, bagged decks in a 3-tiered Trolley.. decks I am using in a basket or tray on my desk ... which keep getting added to as I look at enhancing my study ...of Tarot..

    I have a variety of Tarot related books .. at the moment diving into Mindful Tarot
    Other books include Predictions, Predict your Life, The Dream Oracle, Holistic tarot, The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Divination plus a few others ..

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  • Wll I like this stuff. I need this book by someone TISHMAN? wow is this author a Phd? and in what field. I am too a research student. I have been close to yem tarot . She is kind and does for free. She can write back on email. I just try to pick a message from different places that I check with my life synchronicities if it resonates. I want more readers to do it WITHOUT any strings attached but it is rare to find tho.

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