Past Lives

  • I'm wondering if anyone does past lives readings? I have a triangle of sorts going on in my life and feel very strongly that I'm connected to one of these persons more deeply then this life. would like to get more in depth if possible with whoever is willing to help me with this little journey?

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  • need to get robert lee camp book's lot of reading but very good book's get both of then

  • Hello Cwonder!

    I recently had a brief past life reading done with an awesome channeler named Margaret McElroy. She and her husband has a Thursday night radio show and allows the listening audience to call and ask questions for free. This couple is AWESOME!

    I came across someone that I felt deeply connected to and turns out we were married during Celtic times...very interesting...

    Please, look at her If you'd like to see her at work (deep trance), there is footage on youtube.

    Best to you!

  • Hello! I would very much like to know about my past lives and any related karmic debt. I am very intuitive and I strive to improve on my truth seeking. I know that my time in this current incarnation is meant for me to learn all that I can not only about myself, but also to learn about the things i need to learn in order to evolve and progress and to become the being that I have planned for. I was born on May 27, 1961 in Odessa, Tx. at 6:58 PM. I have been studying astrology, numerology, self discovery, actually anything that crosses my mind - (as I have a thirst for knowledge and I can never get enough) since 1989. On March 11, 2009 my husband of 18 years passed away, he was my very best friend. I needed to understand why this happened so I went on a major search for answers and I asked the universe and the universe responded. Then 5 months later my step daughter took a drug overdose, I think, and she passed away also. I had never had to deal with death in my life and the year of 2009 was very difficult. This time when I got the rug pulled out from under me, it took me a minute to get back up and shake it off. This was most definitely a life changing experience and I know that everything happens for a reason. I am asking for a past life reading because I believe that my husband and I had karmic obligations with each other. I miss him terribly and I know that my successes come later in life. I believe this is my "later in life" time and I am trying to understand everything that has happened in my life and I feel that if I knew about my previous lifetimes, which I am quite certain there are many, I will be able to put things in perspective and maybe feel more secure in the feelings I have and the things and thoughts that are in my head. I have used the ouija board and I have talked to my husband a couple of days after he passed. I have not bothered him since that time and I do feel his presence at times. I know I don't need a ouija board to talk to him - I talk to him often. I read tarot cards and I astral travel and I have dreams that are so real that when I wake up sometimes I am angry because I realize I was dreaming and I am not in the place in my dreams physically. I also believe that my 4 children and possibly myself are Indigo children. Can someone please help me with a past life reading, give me some feedback, point me in a direction or I am open for suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated and will be paid forward. Thank you,


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