His feelings for me - Stars, Page of cups, 8 of pentacles

  • Hi all!

    I did a past/present/future spread using RWS deck on his feelings for me. Past - The stars, present - page or cups, future - 8 of pentacles. I read it as follow:

    Past: He was comfortable around me and felt that he could tell me everything about him without hiding anything. He could see me as his best female friend.

    Present: He recently start noticing me again and might wish to reconnect with me. Perhaps rekindle some feelings which he had for me in the past.

    Future: he is observing me on social media before reaching out OR he is just focusing on his career. (I wasn’t really sure why I had a pentacle card drawn here and what it would imply)

    I drew Tower card for the possibility of reconnecting with him. I felt that it could be an unexpected reconnection which does not last long.

    A little background, we were classmates and were close to each other. Initially he asked me multiple times regarding who I like but I didn’t answer him. When I finally confessed to him a year after, he was already attached, which I found out later. He rejected me indirectly. We did not talk to each other after graduation. We bumped into each other few years ago and had small chat and that’s it. We are still connected to each other on our social media and I knew he viewed my IG stories (I know it doesn’t mean anything, but I mentioned it for the impression that we are still connected and just not talking to each other.)

    I am rather new to tarot reading and would like to know your thoughts on the 4 cards which I drew. Would you guys share your thoughts with me?

    Thank you and be blessed!

  • @AureliaLivia said in His feelings for me - Stars, Page of cups, 8 of pentacles:

    Past - The stars, present - page or cups, future - 8 of pentacles

    Looking at these cards one thought could be in the past he was full of hope and wishes .. at this time it feels there are hurts, wounds affecting him on some level .... in the future it may feel as those tasks need to be completed before he can move forward

    and the Tower could speak of walls needing to crumble.. needing to stand on solid ground of reality, rebuild what you desire , it can also speak of having a leap of faith on some level even when everything seems like doom and gloom.. ..

    Some initial thoughts with these cards ... some ramblings which may give you some idea about what these cards could mean ...
    Take care

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